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What makes you angry ?


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Shop girls make me angry - you get to the till and have to wait till they have finshed there chat or phone conversation before they look at you with a vacant expression, ask you if you have/want a store card or the half price chocolate or whatever gimmic they have been told to push - NO I DON'T - if i do i will ask :mad: then they shove your change on the counter and carry on talking to their mate.

People talking loudly on their mobiles.


Deirdre Barlow

I will be back with some more

I feel better now.

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Rude people...

Oh yes, people who talk too loud on the phone/mobile. In the teacher's staff area where i relax sometimes on my breaks, on nearly every ocassion i've been in there, there has been this teacher that uses the phone outside....

In a Loud bellowing Voice....

Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooo....we can all hear him and what he's saying....he just does not have a clue...

You just have to sit there embarassed as you hear every part of the conversation.

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People who talk REALLY loud on their mobile phones. You do not need to shout in to them! Also, when they release a really loud, unnecessary laugh.

People who take ages to pay for things at the till or who take ages at cash machines.

People who walk in large groups on pavements and don't move out the way so you have to be squeezed right to the edge. Also when they stop and block the path for people walking past.

Phone lines on hold.

There are many more to come ...

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When i come out of the street where i live onto one of the main roads, there is a Zebra crossing just on the left...

What really annoys me, when i'm waiting there is when traffic coming from the right, knowing i want to turn left....keep going and park their cars right in front of me....i just shake my head....is it too much to ask to slow down and let me through...

Rather than sit there parked looking like a right dumaaaaaaaassssss for not giving way :confused::mad:

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my Mrs not being able to make a proper cup of tea,people dawdling/chatting in shops/banks etc who have got all day to do it whereas i have not,people on tills who can't work out the maths without a calculater.

plenty more to come,will have a think

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