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Four Children Die in Blaze


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All under ten in Hulland Ward - mother in hospital with smoke inhalation.

Awful news, RIP little children. My heart goes out to the mother.

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I think the ONLY thing you can cling onto is the hope that they died in their sleep from the smoke and knew nothing.

They are looking into some threats made on the family. :mad:

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Agree with that Mrs - it makes your blood run cold thinking other things...

If this fire was started deliberatly, then whoever has done it has to live with the consequences of what they've done. I hope they enjoy their lives. :mad:

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Relatives of a woman who lost her four children at a blaze in their home have spoken of their heartbreak as pictures of the family emerged.

The youngsters, all aged under 10, perished after flames engulfed the house in the village of Hulland Ward, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Their 45-year-old mother, Rachael Henson, is said to have escaped the inferno and tried to get back inside to rescue the children.

But the two boys - named locally as Tommy, nine, and Rocco, four - died with their sisters Alisha, six, and Appolonia, two.

The cause of the blaze on Monday night remains a mystery and a joint probe by police and fire investigators is under way.

Ms Henson has been released from hospital and is being comforted by her family after being treated for smoke inhalation.

Her sister Rebecca, also 45, said: "She loved her children. She was a single mum but not on benefits. She worked her backside off for her kids."

Following the tragedy, their grandfather Tony Nulty said: "I just can't believe it. They were two beautiful little children."

Tommy and Appolonia were carried out of the semi-detached house by firefighters but later died in hospital. Alisha and Rocco were found inside.

The children were upstairs when the fire broke out

Shocked friends of the children's mother have paid tribute.

Vivyan Manion, who runs an antiques store next to the barber's shop, Boyz, which Ms Henson runs, said she was a "trendy mum" who made time for her children.

A neighbour said she had recently had work done on central heating of the house, which involved metal pipes being inserted in the chimney.

Police have said rumours of threats made against the family are not forming part of their investigation.

A team of investigators is at the scene this morning.

(sky news)

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