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NEW SBW PODCAST: 'Derby's Best & Worst of 2022'

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Hey all - our Year in Review podcast is out now:

In a year unlikely to ever be repeated for the Rams, there were plenty of highs and desperate lows, as the club's very existence came into question before eventual salvation. Chris, Tom and Richard look back on the last 12 months and pick out our favourite on-field moments, before assessing Paul Warne's three months in charge so far, and lamenting the departure of the players we miss most.

There's also a round-up of the most significant moments from Derby's year, as told by us on the podcast, and a look forward to 2023 - with some bold predictions - as the Rams rebuild continues.

Thanks to all from the forum who've listened to us and supported the pod in 2022 - we'll be back in 2023.



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Thanks for this,  v interesting and made me all the more excited for the rest of the season.

Agree that Ebiowei was the biggest loss by far. Would love to see Festy expanding his repertoire but not sure he’s got the tools in his bag. 

Your villain of the year was provocative. We have: A an egotistical owner and fan whose bad luck, misjudgement and pigheadedness sent us over a cliff; and B two lying owners who were prepared to put our very existence at risk for a few quid with no justification at all. B all day for me

Morris’ position when he pulled the plug by the way was : the stance of EFl, Gibson and Couhig put him in the position where he was unable to sell and forced to cover ongoing losses with no end in sight. In his position many of us would have done the same thing, expecting Couhig and Gibson to back off once MM was out of the picture. The EFL changed its perspective radically when we filed. Gibson and Couhig did not 



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That's fair - appreciate there's a lot of people who see Gibson and Couhig as more 'villainous' than MM. 

We did mention the two of them in the full Patreon episode... I guess for some it's the point that it was ultimately MM's decision to put us into admin. Also his naivity in falling for Alonso, Sheikh Khaled and Kirchner etc.

Excuse the slow reply.... New Year etc got in the way. Thank you for listening and appreciate the feedback!

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