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  1. We did have this conversation with Wanchope in the interview. I said I preferred the one he scored against Man Utd the next season, he prefers the first one. Game of opinions.
  2. Agreed, it was an outrage. Hansen never liked him.
  3. Morning all, something for the (international) weekend: Derby County's cult hero Costa Rican joined us for a nostalgic chat in our latest interview special. Wanchope, who scored 28 Rams goals in all competitions, explained how he nearly became a pro basketball player before coming to England, his fiery relationship with Jim Smith, his favourite Derby teammate, and ofcourse *that* Old Trafford debut goal.
  4. Having listened back (I had to sit this pod out) I think the Roos criticism part of a wider point that he just isn't inspiring confidence at the moment. He makes 4 decent saves in that game - two of them were OK but not worldies - quite close to him and a good height. He does save two one-on-ones tbf. He was far from the only player who got flak - we also singled out Huddlestone, Lawrence and Dowell. Dont think I'd have agreed with the unanimous shout that he has to be dropped, but I'd say we're one or two games from giving Hamer a go. Chris
  5. Did that really happen? A disastrous London away day sees Derby's second 3-0 defeat in less than a week - the first time they've lost consecutive games by three goals since the end of Paul Clement's reign in 2016. What on earth went wrong at Brentford - and was it a freak result or a worrying sign of problems to come? Richard, Tom and Anton pick the bones from a week to forget.
  6. Here's our latest Rams podcast - analysing Cocu's first defeat as Derby manager, asking if three at the back is really the answer, and looking forward to Forest in the cup. LISTEN BELOW:
  7. Have watched the crucial ten minutes from Episode 6. It's well put together and glorious for obvious reasons. There's a wispy accoustic cover of Marching On Together which made me gag (personal pet hate), but the footage they have of the away fans, Mel Morris celebrating in the stands, different angles of the goals... and Russell Crowe saying 'Seconds into the second half, Leeds are shaken to their core', makes it very enjoyable! The bit you want is from 21:00 until 32:00 in Episode 6.
  8. Morning, latest SBW podcast below - cheers! Derby County are off and running for the 19/20 campaign, as Chris, Tom and Anton look back on the Rams' unbeaten start against Huddersfield and Swansea. There's also analysis of Derby's new signing, Wayne Rooney (!), as we ask where he'll fit into the side and chat to MLS reporter Steven Goff from the Washington Post.
  9. I genuinely prefer his goal the season after (2mins 40 below) You can hear us discuss this very topic in a *very* special edition of the podcast coming in September....!
  10. Morning Our podcast has returned for 2019/20! In our pre-season special: - Welkom Phillip: How much of a coup is Cocu? Will he be given time? - Dutch football expert Stefan Coerts on Cocu's title-winning blueprint at PSV, his tactical vision and what went wrong at Fenebahce. - The academy: Who'll be next to make the breakthrough? - The promotion race: Who'll be the teams to beat? Listen below - or we're also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot. We always appreciate positive feedback! We're currently planning for next season in the SBW bunker and hope to line up more interviews for 19/20. Watch this space 🐏
  12. Thanks @Andrew3000, glad it provided some closure. Cheers for listening this season. 👍
  13. Hello, Our Season Review DCFC podcast is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud: The promotion dream is over for Derby County as Frank Lampard's men fall at the last hurdle in the Championship Play-off Final. Was Wembley a bad end to an otherwise positive season? Chris, Richard and Tom look back on the 18/19 campaign - the highs, lows, players and goals of the season, and salute Frank Lampard for an 'entertaining, memorable' year. There's also your marks out of 10 for Frank, transfer targets, and one last Rams trivia quiz for the road. Cheers for listening and for all the interactions this season. We'll be back in July for pre-season. Have a great summer!
  14. Our Leeds review podcast is out now! Our bumper episode includes: - Fan reactions on full time - Leeds analysis: One of the best nights of our Derby-supporting lives? - What caused the Leed collapse and how Frank's playoff heroes capitalised. - Next stop Wembley! Can Derby pull it off? We chat to Dan Bardell from The Villa View for the opposition perspective.
  15. Cutch mentioned he'd had a very brief chat with someone outside the ground about the pod... didn't realise it was you! Cheers for the kind words mate.
  16. I realise everyone probably wants to forget about the first leg, but we're not fairweather podcasters so we've given our reaction to the 1-0 defeat to Leeds: Chris, Richard and Tom pick the bones out of a disappointing display in the play-off semi-final first leg, which leaves the Rams with a mountain to climb if they're to reach Wembley. There's discussion of Lampard's selection, *that* penalty decision, the headbutt, and more. Can Derby County rewrite history and still make the Championship play-off final? Cheers, Chris
  17. As Frank Lampard secures a Championship play-off spot for Derby County in his first season as a manager, Tom and Richard look back on the superb win over West Brom which extended the Rams' season. Then there's the small matter of Leeds United. Can Derby better a team who battered them twice this season? We spoke to the Leeds podcast Talking Shutt to find out. Cheers, Chris
  18. Bonus Bristol City podcast out now. - Was it our best away result of the season, compared to West Brom and Norwich? - Bogle's rapid rise: How much is he worth? Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/user-147200653/sbw-52-bristol-city-banger
  19. You can also listen on iTunes and Spotify on the links below: ITUNES: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/sbw-51-qpr-easter-special/id1265416808?i=1000436236957 SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1yBtkevbmESiwoguaBsVtN?si=7SQutVlwTjaSnME0FIP8Lg
  20. In our latest podcast, we asked folk on our social channels to sum up their current feelings on DCFC in five words... there were some great responses. Also analysis of QPR, a chuckle at Leeds, and a preview of Bristol City with Robins blogger Paul Binning (@TheExiledRobin) Listen here:
  21. Was trying to work out how many characters they'll kill off next week - it's 84 mins long so could be in double figures! Theon's in trouble for me - just don't know where else there is for his story to go. Plus he volunteered to guard Bran. 😅
  22. These were my thoughts. Always lots of reunions and scene setting in the opening episode. Some cool moments and the boy at the end was creepy AF. Thought they could've done more with Theon/Yara, which seemed a bit rushed.
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