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The Impact of having defensive solidity

Marriot Ram99

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I think the importance of having a more solid defence which has now  achieved 4 cleansheets in a row should be given more credit. Our problem has been scoring goals mainly but the foundation a solid defence gives you is crucial as we have seen recently. 

If we had lost recent games which we could have easily done then we  might have not had the confidence to play like we have done today, I think grinding out results recently has been key. Yes it's still early days in our mini revival but 4 cleansheets in a row is the sort of thing you expect from a really solid side especially with the sides we have played. If we keep up the same level of commitment in defending across the whole team and Marshall stays reliable then we won't have to score many to win games and slowly but surely climb up the table to a higher position. 

Credit has to be given to the players but also Rooney and the coaching staff for our recent solidity and resiliance compared to how we were against Boro and other games such as the Blackburn 4-0 earlier on in the season. 

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