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Right - first time doing this hopefully not the last. 
Huddersfield coming up under the famous lights of the John smiths stadium (research needs checking).

The best part of a season like this is the opportunity to quickly right a wrong. 

I’d be going 433 but with an incredibly defensive holding mid who will add the defensive stability a 3rd CB would add. 

Assuming no one else is match fit and Lawrence still needs more minutes I’m going with: 



Byrne Davies Clarke Buchanan 


              Knight  Bird 

 Whittaker  Rooney  Jozwiak 


Evans chosen as he’s tidy on the ball, is used to playing in defence so should be up to the defensive part of it and can drop back seamlessly to cover when full backs go further up the pitch. 

think Whittaker has been one of our better players this year and was unlucky not to start in place or Jozwiak last night. 




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Big game for our Phil, there were positives last night, Byrne looks some player, Marshall looks the best keeper we have had in years, Knight is a perfect player for the central midfield position and I can see Rooney slowly growing into the CF role. Oh and Tom coming back could be pivotal.

It's all on Phil now, 1 shot a game is not acceptable, he needs to find a way of taking the positives and finding a way of taking it to the opposition. 

The next 2 games are make or break for him.

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