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NEW PODCAST: Jim Smith remembered

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Our latest podcast is up now, and is a tribute to Jim Smith's six years as Derby boss, including:
- Our favourite memories of the 95/96 promotion side
- Who we thought were the most important figures in establishing Derby in the Premier League
- Our view on the Bald Eagle's three best (and three worst) Derby signings
- Contributions from Darryl Powell, Dean Sturridge, Malcolm Christie, and a recital of his special 'Bald Eagle' poem from Jamie Thrasivoulou



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Such a great tribute, lovely memories.  I was 18 years old during the promotion year and particularly recall the excitement that summer as the signings came in. My little brother was away at one point and I recall saving the back pages of the telegraph and sticking them on his bedroom door for him to enjoy on his return (home pcs and dial up internet were still a new science in my home at that point). Such great anticipation for the Prem league.  I then went to uni in London and missed most of the fun, apart from match of the day of course. ??

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