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  1. I thought that was him on the videos, obvs not any measure but at least he seem to be vocal, lots of instructions etc which is something we defo lavk
  2. It seems counter productive putting players and managers from the the current squad on there as they inevitably will leave, so seems a waste of money. Id have said this year it should be the 71 72 winning squad if anything.... Or just do the black and white chequered design on the middle section and you can keep it like that then
  3. On a related note tho, does Readings breach mean they have a points deduction heading thier way??
  4. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/07/unibet-to-feature-on-derbys-trainingwear
  5. Ignore me, the tease on the Telegraphs website is from the kit in 18-19, why would you do that? Let's put a tease on for a kit that's been released already..... That site gets worse
  6. I quite like that although the tease on the website would suggest that it also has a black band at the bottom on the back.... So maybe a different template?
  7. Are people seriously moaning about a player putting in the hard yards in the summer, enjoying their football and showing a desire to be in the team? No one is suggesting he's the only player doing it but Jesus surely we should be commending the lad for showing some bloody passion and desire to get back fit!!! But no, we have to pull him down and say, well others will be, and his sessions aren't that hard, or he's got a seven year old keeper.... So what, he's practising a thing called technique.... FFS this forum....
  8. That Blue looks reminiscent of the trim colour from the recent Bukta kit they've re released.... Would have to say love it if it was based on those kits
  9. That's not actually what it says at all.... The final paragraph says that the fixture list will be based on the final standings pending any appeal which to me says, accept the fine and file the accounts. Tbf i think Derby would be best served to do just that and move on. They must already have the accounts recalculated and ready as the minimum we'd have gotten was refiling the accounts with the preferred way of doing it so they can't have just sat there and not done them surely? You'd hope that the stadium sale being in there somewhere would mean we avoid any further ffp issues.... I'm sure it was written somewhere that the resubmitted accounts would have us just under the threshold with the last two seasons showing a much better position but can't find it
  10. I much prefer the black and white as there aren't many teams that play in non striped black and white and I feel we are known as playing in black and white. I wouldn't object to going back to Navy and White for a season tho but tons of teams play in those colours and I like us being relatively unique.
  11. Or three 50 quid replica shirts.... Per season
  12. I think there's a valid question in here as in who gets the money? It's just a double the price increase really, it's not bad value really just on top of sky, BT or whatever the equivalent is in the US or Europe
  13. Just had an email from the club and the overseas subscription for matches has doubled up to 25 quid!!! That's ridiculous imo, I really enjoyed watching the matches last year, well not the football.... Or the results ... But the access was good!
  14. Another ridiculously cynical post.... he has a newspaper column, what's he going write about.... Carrots? RuPauls Drag race? Hes a pundit, just like Shearer, Jenas, Linekar, Richards et al..... I feel that England's record goalscorer might about forward play.... Commenting on it is much different to doing it in a match... But don't let that stand in the way of having a dig for no reason eh?
  15. It's be really good if they did a small version that you could have as an ornament and then a bigger version for a garden ornament or something like that....
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