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Fancy a Subway?


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Originally posted by Boyciniho;5206

Well they are normally brain dead who work there.

I allways said a subway down the highroad of where I go to college would do well, anyway they made one, and the service is unimagineable.

This is an honest quote, not made up...

Polish worker: "Would you like to make that a meal deal?"

My Mate: "Pardon..."

Polish Worker: "I ask you the same ******* question every day!.."

Awkward silence.

Made even worse that I (think) she is the manager, so what good is complaining?

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;5211

I once had,

Joe: Can I have a chicken sub please?

Subway woman: Turkey?

Joe: No chicken ..

Subway woman: Turkey?

Joe: No chicken! Chicken please.

Subway woman: Chicken?

Joe: Yes, chicken.

Subway: Ok.

Haha, I had that with "pickle please?... Onion? No Pickle.." etc

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There was another a month or two back KFC workers in America were taking baths in the kitchen sinks then posted the pictures on Myspace and ended up getting the sack.

If your going to prat around at work then dont post the pics/videos on Myspace or YouTube, how thick are these people?

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