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Solheim Cup


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I for one watched the Solheim cup over the weekend.

My wife kept popping in and looking at the ladies on the TV, was saying "oh now I understand why you are watching the golf"

I would just like to say it was a pleasure to watch and the excitement built throughout the last day (Ryder cup....esq)

What a terrific way for the Europeans to take the win.

The last 2 ladies out there turning their games around at the very death and for it to go literally down to the last put of the game was a fitting testament to the tournament.

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Only watched it in parts but seems like it was a really exciting finale, level going into the last day and then it all going down to the wire the way it did. Unreal how things In golf can even get that close, it doesn’t happen very often. The level of ladies golf tends to be higher than its given credit as well, I’m sure it means just as much to them as the Ryder cup does to the blokes! Something about competitions like that that makes them a bit more interesting to even less interested golf watchers, I went to the Ryder cup when it was at gleneagles ironically a few years back, the atmosphere is comparable to a top football match (helped we were In the lead of course!)

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