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Derby v Brentford Prostate Cancer UK match day collection.

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Derby v Brentford Prostate Cancer UK match day collection.

Pride Park April 13th 2020. Kick off 3.00pm

I’ll be part of the volunteering team at this fixture shaking me bucket for this fantastic charity.

What I’d like to see at this match is hundreds, nay, thousands wearing the iconic prostate cancer 'man of men' pin badge  as modelled on Sky Sports.



The badge represents fathers, sons, partners, uncles, friends, colleagues and all of us, united in the fight against prostate cancer.

At just under 4cm tall, it's a sharp addition to any outfit that's been spotted on broadcasters, actors, MPs, and football managers up and down the UK. Wear it and make a statement: 'Men, we are with you.' The badges cost £2 each or a bag of five for £10 with all proceeds going to Prostate Cancer Uk.

They can be purchased here.


One man dies every 45 minutes of prostate cancer in the UK.  That’s two men every match.  

I’ve got faith in the Pop Siders, C standers and Ossie Enders  or whatever you call yourself now that the Derby County family can do their bit and change the game for men.

I know it’s a bit early folks, but, the more exposure the better, who knows, hopefully, might turn into a big thing.

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