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2 Pints for a Fiver


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Rams fans can enjoy 2 pints for £5 for 45 minutes when Derby take on East Midlands rivals Leicester City at Pride Park Stadium on Saturday.

The offer runs from 1:30pm when the stadium opens until 2:15pm from all draught bars inside Pride Park, and applies to lagers and bitters only.

Pints of lager and bitter normally retail at £3.25 per pint, so fans can save £1.50 in total.



They failed to mention that the beer would be watered down an extra 25% to cover costs.

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Over £3 for a pint is ridiculous.

yep, but it doesnt help that everything in involved with selling of beer and alcohol gets massivly taxed the price is allways going to spiral upwards.

and allbecause they think increasing the price will deter binge drinking, in my opinon it will do naff all, people will drink alot regardless of price as the supermarkets can make the cutback on price that pubs and clubs cant do. (i mean some places are just robbing barstewards anyway, regardless)

and the constant raising of prices is effecting the trade, with at one point around 3 pubs a day in britain were closing down most linked to the governments decision of increasing the price during the recession, which really helped

stick with weatherspoons, its cheap, its cheerful, and actually normally a really good pint!

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