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The bloke is priceless.


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BILLY DAVIES blasted Crystal Palace coach John Pemberton after their City Ground bust-up.

The Nottingham Forest boss was furious when Pemberton refused to shake his hand following Forest's 2-0 win on Tuesday.

Pemberton was Forest reserve chief before being dismissed by Davies last summer.

And Davies said: "I thought he was completely and utterly out of order.

"I tried to shake his hand and he obviously didn't like the thought of that. It was very unprofessional and left a bitter taste in the mouth."

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/2906419/Billy-shaken-up-by-Pembers.html#ixzz0jD0ib1dI

What a short memory this idiot has.

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well since the useless baggy eyed jock toss pott got you promoted, at the moment Notts Forest fans will put up with his media manipulation and tripe so long as he gets us success in the CCC...

couldn't care less what he says and does in front of a mic, so long as he gets the players doing well... which pound to a pinch a ***** is what you all felt when he got you promoted...

whether the board failed him, he failed you, or it was just all a major balls up i don't know... only time will tell if history repeats on him

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