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Billy Davies: "Billy Davies deserves an OBE"


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The bloke is unbelievable,I pity his wife.He was on Talksport this morning praising himself.He said that Newcastle,West Brom,Cardiff,Swansea,Middlesboro,Sheff utd and Derby should all be ahead of fo**st because of their resources.

The more I listen to this little tw@t the more I dispise him,and his stupid yes man david kelly.That poxy club are welcome to them

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OBE my arse

O.B.E stands for ???

Of-course Billy Expects

Others Bring Eggs

Overly Big Expectations

Our Biggest Ever ......tw@t

Out Backdoor Every-time

Odious Blatantly Excessive

Obnoxious B**tard....Exactly

Objectionable Big-headed Earache

Obviously Barmy Everybody-thinks

Obtuse Backward Extreme

Obviously Badly Endowed

Offensive Body Expressions

Outrageously Bad Ears

Opinionated Boring Eejit

Oi Billy Everybody.........hates you

Overconfidence Brings End..........of Billy

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out of interest has anyone read beyond the headline??

"If we can finish the job off, it'll be a remarkable achievement," Davies said.

"If that happens, I'll get an MBE, an OBE and a visit to see the Pope.

"At Derby and Preston (his former clubs) the squads were much deeper at this stage. We're punching above our weight but we're proud of what we've done."

So he didn't say he deserves one, he's saying it'd be an amazing achievement, half of you have Sarcasm as your second language, the other half have it as your first... read the quote in context - or would that ruin your fun?

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"read the quote in context - or would that ruin your fun?"

er.......... yeah

there's not much else to smile about down this end of the A52 at the moment. Have all of you tree huggers had a sense of humour bypass.

If the stumpy little tw@t kept his mouth shut for more than 5 minutes perhaps we would not have so much material to work with

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