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Ross Atkins


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I am a season ticket holder at my local team Luton, I take my twin 10 year old boys - I'd rather them support a local side than the Arsenal and Man U I was starting to hear from them and I thought Childline would be after me if I enforced Derby upon them, I think I suffer enough for them.

Anyhow Luton played Kidderminster tonight and won 3-1 so I thought I would give you my opinion on Ross Atkins.

1st goal no chance - volley into the top corner

2nd goal - free kick outside box ball pushed to the side and drilled low he got a good hand to it and I believe he should have saved it. However it was live so not sure if unsighted.

3rd goal dribble and shot from around 8 yards out no chance.

Overall no real saves to make. Took crosses well, kicking was ok (bumpy pitch) tend to kick it quite high giving a lot of 'hang time' suiting the big lump up front. Not really that vocal.

He is young however he does look a little on the small size for a keeper maybe someone could post his height.

Update over

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