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Mines just arrived so having a play, every time I goto the browser it says I need to connect to a wi-fi spot, I'd like to beable to use GPRS if possible.

Only help I can find online is

Options --> Advanced Options --> Browser

then change the Default Browser configuration to internet browser or WAP browser.

When I go into that setting the only option is hot spot browser.


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No problem BARRman, a fiver a month for unlimited aint to bad, bit frustrating as I had a free bundle for normal wap.

Froggg, yeah the Curve 8520. Buttons are abit fiddly at first but I'm getting used to it now to be honest. I thought it would be slightly bigger to be honest but now I'm glad it isn't.

Dan, the manual if thats what you can call it is useless, got about 5 pages in total showing you how to text and make a call, the rest you have to figure out yourself. Took me all day trying to set the bloody thing up how I wanted it.

Only negatives I can find so far is.....

1) It doesnt tell you whos text you until you go into the sms folder.

2) you can't have it on vibrate and tone at the same time, you either have the vibrations then the tone or just the tone.

3) Browsers abit annoying having to zoom in on every page.

4) And the manuals next to no use what so ever.

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How does it switch it off? have you not set the keylock on? I've set my left key on the side of the phone as the keylock as I'l never use the voice control thingy. Not sure I'l bother with a case to be honest, just looked at a few on Amazon but canna be arsed with one.

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