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The Sausage Thread


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Sausage sandwiches, Toad in the Hole, Beans 'n' Sausages, Sausage Pizza....you name it, if it's got sausages I'l eat it.

Being ill in bed with man flu and hours left to live, I have just treated myself to a sausage sandwich, eating it has got me thinking about sausages. If you only ate sausages for a week, would you turn into a sausage making machine? in goes the mush and a lovely sausage comes out the other end?.

If I do pull through I can feel a scientific experiment coming on, Mythbusters with sausages at home with David.

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when starting to read this thread, i knew it wouldn't be long until someone would turn it into homosexual banter lol

Excuse me, where have I made homosexual references? Trig lives in Aus, Aussies love a good barbie. You've just got a filthy mind!

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