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Clough injured


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Originally posted by CumbrianRam;3661

The Brian Clough statue in Middlesbrough has suffered a fracture in its left leg.


Yep just read that now too, it's an old story....ongoing problem though.

Boxing day 62 was the real injury...


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Originally posted by CumbrianRam;3668

How long before the one at Notts gets a similar injury.

When Statues go bad....

Ted Bates Southampton manager....what's wrong lol


They eventually had to replace it with this....


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It's his standing leg....if that is broken the whole statue could fall.....apparently they are going to make a supporting plinth for that leg now.

Plans for the repairs include the creation of a new plinth and support for the statue's free leg. It's thought the repairs will cost nearly £20,000 and take about 10 weeks to complete. The statue, sculpted by Vivien Mallock, shows a 24-year-old Clough with his boots slung over his shoulder striding towards Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough's former ground, on his way to training.

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Originally posted by Boyciniho;4309

Would PTR dissapprove of us if me and you went up there and took the leg off and weighed it in?

That statue is protected by the people of Grove Hill, they'll not even let a bird shight on it...it's untouchable...unless your a five year old child swinging off his leg....

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