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Wolves and Bristol City


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I am a glos based Rams fan, I had not seen a game four 2/3 years but as luck would have it I knew very early days I was going to get to see two early this season. I was passing Derby on the Saturday of the Wolves game and Bristol City were back up.

Thank god the Hull game was on TV!!

I think the performance against Wolves was dire and we would still not have scored if we had been there now.

Bristol City however I think will be a surprise this season. I think there Giant back 3 with Pack in front of them is designed not to get beat easily and the commitment in defence when 4 players threw themselves in front of the ball says a lot.

I can see why the thread against Tom Hud has started - he did look particularly stationary, But I think we need to look at the way we line up away from home at least.

I like what I see from Tom Lawrence going forward but he was totally going missing going back and that flinging it out to their right flank was becoming their get out of jail free ball.

Also I think Vydra looked dangerous and to put Martin and Winnal up against land of the giants was bizaar.

I am a fan of Rowett and in giving managers time but I am begining to wonder why we persist with 4-2-3-1 home and away ?

And what is it with Forsyth - he was dire against Wolves but then again so was everyone ?

Ecluding the Hull game we have lost the last three conceding 10 goals ?

A defeat against Birmingham at home would be terrible and I would fear the worse!! but we have to find something that is either Hull-like or we must stop conceeding ?? 

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