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I've got an event lined up at a Sheffield music venue in November for children in need and the Sheffield Children's Hospital.

I would like to do the same thing in Derby but need help with a venue,I don't know Derby at all other than Costco and PP.

The event is a pretty basic format but something I've been involved with for several years apart from 2016.

Ideally we would need a live music venue,we would put on 3 or 4 decent bands,get donations and either raffle them or auction them.

The Sheffield event usually charges a fiver to get in.

I am keen to do something in Derby in recognition of the support the club and this forum has given my son(and us).

I would like to donate to the Derby Children's Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Any other charities that anyone on here wants to donate to I'm happy to,if not this time then definitely in the future.

I would suggest a mental health charity as one connected with this forum.

I will try and get both DCFC and Birmingham FC involved.The Owls and Blades have always helped us in Sheffield.

Just need a venue,PP would be perfect!Need 200-500 max.

I lay no claim to being great at organising these things but a good friend of mine is a promoter and always puts on a good night.

Be good to put something back in.

Thanks to @Chester40 for the post that made me get my finger out and @David for forum support.


A Friday or Saturday ideally.


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