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Whats the best Derby County goal you've seen live

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Jordan Stewart vs Sheff Wed 

Kris commons vs Man U

Chris Martin vs Wolves

Jonny Russell vs Forest

Johnson vs Hull

I cant remember that many tbf but some great ones still. 

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Best goal for reaction and euphoria: When Jamie Ward slotted in away at Forest when their player (Cohen?) was lying on the ground and BDavies spread it out left and Ward ran the ball in! I was laughing and crying and shouting and whooping at the same time!

Best goal for sheer comedy: Connor Sammon Vs Middlesbrough, where he was basically kissing Given's knee as the ball went over Given's head, or Sammon Vs Leeds, where he made such a rubbish connection that Paddy Kenny dived past the path the ball would've taken if hit cleanly

Best opponent goal: Alex Rae for Millwall at the BBG in about 1992. Absolute hammerrocketscreamingbelter

Best Derby goal for quality: cannot think of one in particular, hence the stalling tactic of the rest of this comment! lol

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Don´t know if it has been mentioned before. Don´t know why but for me it Nigel Callaghan´s winner vs Southampton at The Dell always has a special place in my heart.


Best goal, I ever saw against us (but he did become a Derby player later.) John Harkes



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Charlie George against Real Madrid weren't bad..

But what do I know?

Just crawling back to my village status as a bizarrely simplistic  idiot because I don't vote Labour nowadays.

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On 30/06/2017 at 07:25, Jayram said:

Dean Saunders at Arsenal in 1989. incredible goal -  I was there to see it but its even better to hear Graham Richards commentary of it!

I was also there :D

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17 minutes ago, WystonRam said:

I was also there :D

I was there too.

Just think if there was no Saunders goal, there would have been no Fever Pitch and Michael Thomas´ last minute winner against Liverpool wouldn´t have been as dramatic.



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On 14/07/2017 at 11:20, jagerbob said:

Great goal, great game. One of the first games I remember in the old first division.
Also if you freeze frame the final second of the clip you can see Anna Soubry MP about the only Tory left in the remain camp for the EU, before she was an MP presenting central news east!

Now why would you want to do that?

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On ‎29‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 22:17, superzak said:

For me it was the brilliant Alan Hintons goal against Arsenal in the 5-0 drubbing we gave them in the early 70's. 40 years later I watch it on youtube and it still makes the hairs stand up

When I was younger enjoyed Bruce Rioch's goal in 6-2 away win at Ipswich in 76, the Tin Man's goal at away win at Spurs in late 80's, Phil Gee's goal in the famous promotion win v Rotherham, Bobby Davison's goal in 1-1 FA Cup match v Sheff Wed after the game had been postponed twice due to a frozen pitch (I had travelled up twice from London only to see the game P-P) and then more recently, Pearson's Wembley winner and the Bradders team goal in the 4-0 home win over Hull....

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