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Anjem Choudary is an islamic extremist.The man was behind the protests in Luton.If this ridiculous march goes ahead,I hope all the good people of Wootton Bassett throw things at them,darts,grenades,knives etc.

Muslims try to tell us that islam is a peaceful religion.It appears that is far from the truth.

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This fooking country is a laughing stock i feel so ashamed to admit i live here. :mad:

can you imagine what would happen if we all decided to march through Normanton for example ramming our beliefs down the throats of the majority of people there.

Trig you have had the best idea to get the hell outa here mate

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anyway back on to the subject!

has trig mentioned that he has a STRONG dislike for islam?

has trig mentioned that he hates anything to do with this religion?


see facebook for details

dont cast me as a racist please, i only hate this because its forced down our throats by COWARDS who hide behind religion.

if you have any connection with the armed services , or people who fight to make our world a safer place then ffs stand up to these bastar*s!:mad:

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Steady on lad.

Landmines cost money, we need improvised roadside bombs.

Either that or wire a few of them up whist there having a fag break.

(oh course, the is all theoretical and I don't condone blowing the feckers up)

(just run em down with a Challenger tank)

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