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Congratulations Nathan Ellington


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Originally posted by Jammy;3467

On his day Ellington is the best striker in the squad. We just need Cloughie to get him firing.

agree'd, he is another confidence based player, saw him at preston away on boxing day warming up, was down by pitchside pre match (also where pricey was in goal and players warming up with the goal at one side, and barazite lined up a looping shot when i was lookin the other way helping with the flag and it nailed me right in the knackers 'ouch' lol) nath looked slow of the pace on that day, and i could tell in the warmup, lazy control and shots mis-placed i think that any manager should take a good look at the warmup of most players if they dont already to check , on his day duke is capable of great things, another fine example of when hes at his best with confidence was his peno's hes taken, especialy at stoke!

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