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Bah Humbug !


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Is nothing sacred anymore - wish these 'do-gooders' would disappear up their own watsits ! :mad:

Santa should get off his sleigh and walk, and lay off the brandy and mince pies, experts say that Father Christmas is a bad role model for children.

The current image of Santa Claus promotes obesity, drink-driving, speeding and an unhealthy lifestyle.

"Epidemiologically there is a correlation between countries that venerate Santa Claus and those that have high levels of childhood obesity," says the research.

While a clear link has not been established, there "is a possibility that Santa promotes a message that obesity is synonymous with cheerfulness and joviality," it says.

Santa should go on diet and the tradition of leaving him cookies, mince pies, milk, brandy or sherry should cease, it says. Instead, he could share the carrots and celery sticks often left for his reindeer.

"Santa might also be encouraged to adopt a more active method to deliver toys -- swapping his reindeer for a bike or simply walking or jogging," the study says.

It also questions his drinking saying the brandies often left for him would mean that with a few billion houses to visit, he would soon be driving his sleigh over the limit.

Santa impersonators also have potential to spread infectious diseases: if they sneeze or cough around 10 times a day, all the children who sit on their laps may end up with swine flu, the researchers say.

And although Santa is banned from smoking in public, images of him enjoying a pipe or cigar can still be found on Christmas cards.

The study also accuses Santa of promoting speeding, disregard for road rules, and extreme sports such as roof surfing and chimney jumping -- although he is never shown wearing a seatbelt or a helmet.

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i hate christmas but this is mad, saying that santa needs to:

shave that beard, cut the carbs, go jogging, cut the booze and start drinking super skinny frapp-a-lappy-cino. and nibbling on ryvita and taking the special k diet, while letting his rendeers rest and drive an electric motor, under the speed limit, and replace his red suit with high vis, oh and not let children sit on his knee, thats disgraceful behaviour

he does that and well you cant help but feel your self die a bit inside

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