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Finding rare footage


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Greetings all,

Was just trying to find footage of the FA cup win against the baggies in 2001 and haven't been able to find it.

I'm sure I've seen footage of the first leg on YouTube somewhere, as I seem to remember watching highlights of Rigott And Christie scoring at the Hawthorns.

But it just had me thinking about other games I've just never been able to find on YouTube. Here's a list to see if anyone can find or upload other missing games. Or maybe we could draw up a list and even contact the club if we still can't find them. 

Here are games off the top of my head which I can never seem to find. 

Derby 2 United 2 (Christie's disallowed goal) 2001/2002? 

Man City 1 - Derby 1 (League cup, Wanchope scored one of his best goals)

Derby - Man City (the second leg)

Many of the games from George Burley's season aren't on YouTube. 

The games on the season review DVD: From Survival to Revival 

just itching to watch more footage of forgotten games. Cheers 


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