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Forest have won at Reading!


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Absolute madness, Forest seemed out of it last game, now they are back in it beating teams like Reading...TBQH Forest have a really difficult run in, but if they keep getting results like this every now and again....there more than safe...many people, including Forest fans were predicting they would only get like 1 point from the next 6 games considering the opposition.

Good win today lads, keep it up...let's hope neither of us are in any position to take the other down lol

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It is nice to play them again as no other game creates such a buzz, but to be quite honest, we're just to good for them. It's like Man United playing Oldham for a cup each year, it's obvious who's going to win it so begins to get a tad boring.

I say we should play for a cup against better opposition that would put up more of a challenge, Leicester City maybe?

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tbh 1 result out of how many poor perfomances.... wouldnt change my opinion of the side if i was a red, as much as i hate even thinking about that.....

and as you say joe, i wouldnt mind either way, because we would have previous bragging rights and many joyous pictures of forest fans crying at the city ground. boo-hoo, fair do's all the top sides had a bad weekend!, its acceptable and they get a cainin over weekend by the gaffa's and dont make the same mistakes.

Billy will be singing from the roof tops about the team if they win there next match... when realy the MAJOR issues he stated before about the team are still there...

poison dwarf..


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Either Forest's board are going to be prepared to invest money for Billy to sign his "own players" from Preston, Scotland, along with an enormous CB and a massive CF. With this, he will take Forest up the league because his method has worked before. Without this, Billy will continue to make enemies, he'll fail to turn things around with the current squad he has and will wait for his inevitable sacking which will make him a little bit richer.

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<span style="font-family:Verdana"><span style="color:black"><span style="font-family:Verdana">Ok, so no one likes billy the hun !! fair enough and rightly so.</span>

<span style="font-family:Verdana"> </span>

<span style="font-family:Verdana">However my furry friends, don’t get carried away, things can change very quickly. History shows we are a far better team (ask Elvis if you need any further information) and we will bounce back, hopefully after we have bounced billy out of the City Ground. </span>


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unless you have millions of pointless money to be invested in a manager who will sign old players, from his old clubs, who then become useless if

1) they already are useless!

2) you get promoted

3) billy goes (because they follow him)

blokes a plague, he might seem like a god-send if he prevails with a few results in the next few games, a mere smoke-screen on his poisonous poor tactical decisions and billys book of excuses,

History shows that Jade Goody was a gobby cow, she has everyones blessing now as a great person whos loved in most tabloids?

History is in the past, hence the name.

Its what BD and Forest do now that determines what there capable of, with his young side with an average age of 25....

Against Derby's much older experienced side with the average age on the pitch of.... 24

Or Derby as one of the bigger spending sides, having a side out against you that cost us overall 4,875,000m

in comparison to the low budget forest side that cost exactly the same ammount of money to the club

he will rob you for every penny

Never the less i like your confidence i mean losing twice to a superior team in your rivals THE MIGHTY MIGHTY DERBY, must be a kick in the pi55er

dont mind whether your up or down, just more away day wins at the city ground please watching the reds fans throw a tantrum!


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