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Apologies if this has been covered previously. Couldn't find it anywhere. 

I've purchased plenty over the last few years like many fans. Have to buy over the phone due to distance. Passwords using debit cards have caused me problems with PayPal etc so I buy over the phone and they take details which is easiest option for me. Couple of weeks ago I rang but found the lass at the other end of the phone was lacking a little in pleasantries shall we say. Considering I am utterly polite and never rude I was a little perturbed by her attitude. She was never rude but I sensed the 'you're inconveniencing me, it's nearly five o clock' approach. Spent over a ton and came off the phone thinking I'd done them a favour. Not the best customer care I've ever had. 

Wondering how everyone had found their dealings with Rams shop?

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