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Help needed (begging thread)


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We have a lot of people on here do a lot of great work for charity, and posters have donated. I know that @Mafiabob is doing the great north run soon, so if you have some spare cash, or cash you can afford to give away, which is more realistic, he'd be grateful, but his charity is not the reason for this post.

An old school friend of mine set up a boxing academy on Spa Lane (off Abbey Street) in Derby City Centre. He's literally cashed in all his assets to fund it and is doing some great work with all age-groups of people with learning difficulties.

This man has given up his luxuries in life, including immaculate BMW X5 (traded for a 20year old Corolla I think!). 

I think it's fair to say he was hoping for a lottery grant to help with equipment. On his first application last year, it was refused at Stage 1, due to not having enough directors (needs to be a democratic business) and it didn't have official affiliation. He sorted it all out and put his application in this year, only to be refused on the grounds that he wasn't asking for anything new! Some cock and bull nonsense about "by not buying new gear, he's excluding any new members from benefitting"!! WTF

Anyway, he's put up a crowdfunding page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/asgartair?utm_id=60

This means a lot to me personally as I grew up around that area, and 30 years ago I was spending my WHOLE summer at Stockbrook Street Community Centre (affectionately known as Reg's - after Reg Harrison) taking advantage of a council-funded "Summer scheme", which kept 100s of kids occupied. I think Mackworth, Roe Farm, Chesapeake and a few others had similar centres.

Those schemes were legendary. Playing sports all summer, going swimming, carnivals, competitions against other clubs etc. It'll come as no surprise but those clubs and schemes are long gone nowadays, hence the likelihood of children getting involved in bad stuff increases.

I hope that a few posters here have a fiver or tenner they can put to good use, either sponsoring MafiaBob (who'll repost his link surely) or this justgiving page.



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