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  1. Fans Forum | Silk Mill Museum | 24/08/17

    Wonder if I'll get selected
  2. Reasons to be cautious 1,2,3

    I also think Weimann is too..... pot, kettle etc
  3. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    1-5 FRGS Vydra after a Wheater OG
  4. Chris Martin

    Nice to have options up top..... All have to fight..... Rowett finally showed not fussed in making a change or two. Lets hope it's a good fight and all are firing.
  5. Trials/getting spotted

    Let him enjoy his football...... get the pleasure out if watching them play on a Sunday..... best thing ever. As others have said he will get spotted and theirs open trials etc, my younger lad was at one for Derby at Leesbrook last year.
  6. Last Night. My Views & Ratings

    Why isn't this in the matchday thread?
  7. Bolton Wanderers v Derby County

    The Macron Stadium Saturday 19th August 2017 3pm KO RIP 4-3-3 LONG LIVE 4-3-3 Have we turned an early corner? Do we keep scoring penalties? Is it a cob or a barn? Do I stay in the air without knowing the score again? Or do I sleep with the fishes? The charge up the table commences with our very own Welsh wizard. Cymru!!!!!!! Regards The Mafia.
  8. Jason Shackell

    Fits in perfectly with all of them very well in my opinion.
  9. Jason Shackell

    Don't blame him coming, he got offered it..... big waste in my eyes..... but we got seduced by the big bucks bringing former players back "home".....
  10. Jason Shackell

    A waste at 3 million, complete waste. He signed for 3 years, not 1......
  11. Jason Shackell

    Ahhhh Shacks, when all were seduced by the pounds shillings and pence when he came back...... Dyche was right, it was about pennies. £3 million wasted.
  12. Jeff Hendrick

  13. Jeff Hendrick

    50 odd games since he's gone and never replaced properly.....
  14. Why only 27,000 today

    Yet they still went...... wouldn't call them poor buggers..... they paid it, Leeds will continue to charge it if they go.
  15. Repeal and Replace

    Says a lot when our most agile midfielder is currently George Thorne.....

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