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  1. I love The Yard whilst the match is on.....
  2. Get a few who message who have cross addiction
  3. It’s no surprise now you see a lot of it at horse racing too
  4. In defence of the challenge...... Thorne was about 6 yards out and in a goal scoring opportunity, anyone would be throwing themselves in the way, look at Keogh..... Just unfortunate he broke his leg because of it. If I remember correctly their was no hard feeling between the players and it was accidental, which can’t be said from reaction of some of the fans at the time, but that’s to be expected obviously.
  5. A poor team we’d have struggled to put away 2-1 not so long ago, smaller nations than them we’ve struggled with in the last too. The mid to lower nations have caught up a fair bit, only likes of San Marino and Andorra are really whipping boys now. Even Luxembourg drew with the world champs in the WC qualifiers for Russia. Southgate changed the dynamic years ago of the England set up. St George’s Park was a major factor and he pretty much led the charge for it. He used to get mocked, but maybe some coaches and managers are just downright suited to a international set up.
  6. @BurtonRam7 is not a patch on @eddie when it comes to quoting from years back
  7. Sorry, I’ve never ever heard that before. I’ve heard at HT and FT..... and maybe at the ref or an opposing player.
  8. Please, stop standing in the mirror..... and thanks for the spelling, I went to Sinfin don’t you know 🙃
  9. It’s sad you see it that way..... because all I can see is a frank and good debate of views. It’s as if you’ve seen a kid fall over and graze his knee and you’re thinking we need to amputate.
  10. I’m sorry but all I’m seeing on this thread is a decent debate and fair criticism of how the club is run, don’t think I’ve seen any or I’ve posted anything to suggest we are “stabbing in the back” A pretty extreme view for me that
  11. All I want Mel to see is sense my frustration and I’m guessing a lot of others who support Derby County. I don’t dislike the guy, just think his ownership has been questionable to put it very mildly
  12. We are an average team, we are on the coat tails of the top 6. Compare away to Nigel, we knew where we were then, and quite correct we were a substandard team. However, for me, we could of and probably should of kept MAC still the first time around, but the willy measuring was too much. The wails of the crowd demanding “loyalty” because Newcastle were interested..... We could have been a fantastic team now, but as you say, the stability has never been there under Mel. Imagine if we had a owner who wasn’t from Derby, they’d be getting a lot more critique than he’s currently getting still. Look at the press, we can say “lazy journalism” this and “rubbish reporting that” but when it’s more than 2-3 papers than that’s starting to ring alarm bells in your head. I still hope he has success here I really do, but the mismanagement of this club has been so poor last four years. Only need to look at the wage bill rise over last 3-4 years to see that. We are not sustainable in the way Mel has run it. This is coming to roost by what I mean. Losing £2-3 million a month is crazy. I just hope if he’s looking for help or someone else he ain’t naive and chooses someone who knows how to run a football operation.
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