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  1. One of the up and comers him.....watch out for him in the middle for EFL in a few seasons.....
  2. 4th official told him..... it was an easy mistake if a bit blindsided, thought he was very good all game. I’ll await the verdict of the resident bore on refs though 😩
  3. Played well, would have buckled in another time this season when back to 1-1. Another 5-10 min and we win that game. Defence looked pretty solid apart from the goal, midfield looked strong. Bird was tremendous alongside Rooney, Shinnie unsung in there too. Thought Waghorn’s workrate and ball retention was great tonight, last 6-7 games he’s looked a beast for me, right sub to come on to replace him in Marriott too, don’t think playing Martin against Fulham’s backline would have played to our strengths tonight. Horses for courses sometimes, pardon the gambling pun.....
  4. Missed the most important question.....
  5. Can I just identify as a father and husband instead of all the labels getting thrown about? That’s the problem with society now, some people put you in one camp or another..... whilst the majority shrug and just want a nice time in the middle
  6. More club statements than away wins this season
  7. Sometimes..... words can and will kill..... actions don’t always speak louder than them.....
  8. I would have had Knight on for Holmes..... thought that bringing Shinnie on dulled our attacking intent a lot
  9. Deserved result. Thought Huddersfield were unlucky to not get a penalty too..... Cowley brothers will keep them up and get them in the mix next season. As for us, sloppy defending again costing us. Bird and Wisdom played well. Thought Waggy was our best attacking option today. All in all bit of a meh game.
  10. At a school in Calne, Wiltshire today..... stayed in a fantastic little boozer last night in Compton Bassett.....
  11. Henley on Thames talking at a school here..... my 20th since I started my new role going around the state schools of the UK trying to reduce gambling harm.....
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