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  1. Pitch Invader Banned

    When your celebrating promotion, or a play off win etc..... pretty much 0000s will stream on..... I'm pretty sure there's protocol and training for staff etc when this happens. I've been on that pitch a few times, Southampton was the best getting drenched and feel soaking wet..... and on my backside a dozen times.
  2. Pitch Invader Banned

    Very stereotypical and disappointing comment.....
  3. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Think the opening poster should be up for thread of the year in my opinion @David
  4. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    I'd say them scoring half of Derbys goals.... chipping in with a few assists suggests it's blossoming a tad.....
  5. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    Should never have missed that sitter against Wolves away last season..... or we should have sold Nugent before he started a game.....
  6. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    I don't think you get the irony in the post I replied to.
  7. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Is it because we won at all costs like yesterday? Like the whole of this post.....
  8. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    Never had you down to sit on a fence
  9. Seen a few on here, not happy with the way we play..... Would you rather be us entertaining? Would you rather us play to win? Of course both can go hand in hand at times, but I say a lot of the time, unless you're Man Citeh, Real Madrid, PSG or Barcelona..... you're not going to get it. We are a second tier football team, we are not going to be playing amazing, enthralling football a lot. Nothing wrong to aspire to get to the likes of the teams I mentioned above (unless according to some you're not allowed if your name is Cryus Christie). Yesterday was game management to the tea..... especially in the second half. A lot of criticism of Gary and the way we obsess about formations and style of play..... but I'd rather see a game out like that yesterday instead of taking a risk 2-0 up and misplace a risky pass and concede. They'd be uproar if that happened..... Give me winning football games over style of play anytime. Dont have to be pretty to win games.... it's nice, but not necessary..... Forest case in point.
  10. View from the outside

    Guess you wasn't enthralled or delighted during the 2006/07 season then......
  11. Best Restaurants in the world

    There is some fab restaurants on that island
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    That last 20 minutes was the most professional I've seen a Derby side see a game out for a long time. Gary Rowett got everything spot on in that 2nd half, subs, and outshone Warburton tactically. Think he deserves a huge drink and a pat on the back today.....
  13. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    I get knocked down..... but I'll get up again...,.
  14. Best Restaurants in the world

    Is that the one right at the top, some climbing to get to that!
  15. If we lose Sunday...

    I Who?

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