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  1. Mafiabob


    Why didn’t Reading win loads of games then.....
  2. Mafiabob

    Proud to be British

    I do wonder if Harry’s dad was at the wedding.....
  3. Mafiabob

    Who has read this?

    Very good book...... really honest account, and a decent bloke
  4. Mafiabob

    Proud to be British

    Hi Barry Stanton
  5. Mafiabob

    Proud to be British

  6. Mafiabob

    Will be on BBC news channel at 1220

    Hollywood next
  7. Mafiabob

    Will be on BBC news channel at 1220

    To the Casino, Online casino and amusement industry not at all..... parts of industry at each other’s throats. People will just move more to online where they can play the same games with no limit.
  8. Mafiabob

    Will be on BBC news channel at 1220

    It won’t make a jot of difference really lowering the stakes on one form of gambling..... people have to learn to take responsibility of what they do. Better education and more involvement from public health I would like to see. Whenever someone messaged I always tell them, they have to do it for themselves.
  9. Mafiabob

    Will be on BBC news channel at 1220

    Discussing FOBT and other developments in the industry
  10. Mafiabob

    Seasonal reflections

    What I said yesterday..... but OP putting it so much better..... Someone who remembers first and foremost, to enjoy being a fan..... take note.
  11. Mafiabob

    Can I say something about this forum?

    As long as humility is intact then I’m always fair game for what I say.....
  12. Mafiabob

    Sell George Thorne?

    Whose going to buy him?
  13. Mafiabob

    I'm the most purist fan me

    I’d rather we get up by any means we can.... I think it’s a failure that You’d rather fail over one style over another..... I want to win, not fail.
  14. Mafiabob

    The rebuild starts:

    I wouldn’t say 0000s driven away are down to Rowett.....

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