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  1. This is why I think Labour are done..... you may not agree with either Boris or Jo Swinsons opposite stances..... but they have a policy and it will win them both big votes.
  2. I think if he gets Brexit over the line he wins convincingly not long after..... if he doesn’t get it by Oct 31st..... 4 party politics happen. He wouldn’t be given up power that easily..... firmly believe it will happen
  3. Two parties with two distinct polices..... Tories will get out by 31st Oct..... Libs will revoke it..... Meanwhile Labour muddle along like the Lib Dem’s and Greens used to..... and yet you can’t critique the leader without being shouted down..... he is weak and fighting battles lost 30/40 years ago. Think Labour will be close to 3rd place in the next election. I’ve always argued Tories recover quicker, the Lib Dem’s are starting to follow suit.
  4. Going to Blackburn on loan.... NIXON HAS SPOKEN
  5. Enjoyed the game, I’d say 3000 of the 4300 there were Derby. Another centre back and a couple of bits of cover in the middle for me, possibly a GK as well. We look great going forward. Waghorn and Marriott in that side will look good, if they can fit both together..... with Bennett /Lawerence. Can see potentially one or two outs.... probably Martin again as I think we are loaded up top, and maybe one or two younger lads out on loan..... Burton are appalling defensively, and play percentages, what you expect from a Btec Gary Rowett managing them..... they will be lower end of L1 for sure.
  6. Trance and House my friend..... I’m not as old as some on here
  7. The only thing that is known is that you’ll be starting threads where you answer questions with questions and the thread goes round in a vicious circle
  8. I would say it’s not a expensive mistake, but a bit of genius marketing from PP, got people talking, and they know full well they can’t advertise like that on shirts. Met one or two from PP in line of stuff they do, marketing wise, along with SkyBet, miles ahead of the rest
  9. So you know more than a manager of a premier league football club, despite the fact that they are much maligned by a lot of football snobbery, know who they are and what they about and never ever really flirt with relegation, and even made it into Europe before? Maybe Dyche is looking at ways to improve his team further.... maybe he sees Tomori as a perfect fit to play alongside a tough hard defender....
  10. Mafiabob

    John McCririck

    Gone at 79 You all know my struggles back in the day with gambling etc, but for me John made racing popular to the general public in the 80/90s And was probably its greatest advocate. He may have been marmite to a lot people, but you’ll always remember him being synonymous with the sport. He passed away at 5/2 this morning..... RIP
  11. Someone do the translation I’m lazy linking
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