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  1. Coming up to a massive game on Monday, the club, fans and community are all coming together, and then you get idiots like this guy on Twitter, who is a look at me me me guy who wants a few likes and replies to his tweet. Can’t stand this idiot, thinks he’s some sort of massive superfan. Genuinely a fraud I think.
  2. They don’t do that, they offload folk at the next services. Just don’t get caught..... 😋
  3. I would go further and say that Mel has actually nurtured this close feeling, even I’m feeling close to the club I love..... I’ve bashed out a helluva lot of criticism his way, but I don’t doubt anymore at all his commitment and support for Derby and the local community. The mental health drop in with DCCT is actually excellent to see, hope they’ll be more things to big up this club and overall, this city. We have had some rough years being led by certain donkeys in the council, No swimming pools, no Assembly Rooms, no real big venue for music.... the club has made the city feel good about itself again.
  4. Not one for chasing publicity.... publicity comes to me..... 🙃
  5. It’s gone over your head, me being a div 👍🏻
  6. Only room for one vlogger on this forum thank you
  7. Really trying to push this, any forum help would be amazing, thank you
  8. Would be nice if Mel, Frank and the squad visited him this weekend on the way down to Wembley, would be an amazing thing to do, and to maybe show our appreciation of a fantastic bloke. Anyone can get that going to the club
  9. What I’ve always said that with regards your last paragraph
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