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  1. New Borat - not for the faint hearted, cringefest. The actress who supported him as his daughter probably trumps him. She had amazing comic timing and was brilliant with her reactions.
  2. What a sad thread this is..... I’m glad I’ve tried to come up with reasons on other threads behind decisions etc. Some on here with views etc of reffing are detrimental to the lads and girls doing games at grassroots..... Sad to see for me, take your fan head off guys..... don’t believe everything a pundit, player or manager says about a ref. It does filter down to them on a Sunday morning. Just think before you post.....
  3. You’re marked to the inch of your life every game. From my own personal experience, I reffed one game was at a decent Saturday level..... You can judge early on if you’re seeing the game right, I felt it was going well, no complaints.... you then get complacent, I missed a horrible tackle on a player.... When I got feedback, that game pretty much stopped me from being promoted to a better level for the next season. You have to make sure everything is right, making sure subs come on at the half way line, all signals are clear, when running the line, making sure the flag is in the
  4. There is lots of accountability, you just don’t see it publicly. That’s what bothers me a deal, I also think they get hung out to dry by the powers that be a lot. I’m sorry, but I firmly believe they are fair and reasonable - it can (and should) go hand in hand in striving to be better..... otherwise what do you get?
  5. Top bloke, does a lot for charity. I’m not surprised at that kind of story at all haha
  6. Tell me who hasn’t got a ego at a professional level at any kind of work? Come on, I strive to be the best at what I do..... why should I just be distinctly average when I know I can improve in my work? Why should every mindset be the same? Why shouldn’t they strive to reach the top? Ill tell you now, when I was 19 - I was the youngest ref to make the Midlands Regional Alliance Prem Division, did I want to stick there? Did I heck..... I was ambitious. Every referee you see in the pro leagues started the same place, down at grassroots. It’s a crime to suggest they can’t compete to be the b
  7. Absolutely. I’m a massive advocate in refs having mics - then you’ll get the reasoning behind a decision instantly and the dissent reduced to being minimal. It needs a culture change football..... I also agree the FA handle it poorly. Mike Riley needs to go at the PGMOL..... I can only imagine referees chomping at the bit to explain decision making and talking after.....
  8. Hang on - you’re telling me I’m wrong then you come up with two different scenarios for me to prove it. It’s either/or - which one was it? Whose the ref you know? Also I’ll say for refs at that level, they are competitive, just like players. They want to ref the best games, you only need to read Graham Poll or Howard Webb’s books to hear them stories. The mentality is the same as anyone whose competitive in any sport or industry..... The final point is because of professional players and managers try to con, abuse and cheat officials because of a win at all costs mentality. It’s easy
  9. You got that from a still with players moving . You’re wrong here. The referee is unsighted on Waggy, he is relying on his linesman’s call there, that’s why they are there as well. I can see why the lino gave it because Waggy jumped.... I can see the thought process even though it was ultimately wrong. They all got a lot right tonight. Take McCarthy reaction to Lawerence going over early on. He went pen straight away. It wasn’t and he should have been in the book. Officials make mistakes, accept it as much as when players make mistakes. They are not corrupt, 99% of the time they
  10. EFL do not appoint the officials.
  11. It was neither for the disallowed goal. Waggy jumping gave the lino a decision to make, the ref I felt was unsighted by Waggy when Jozwiak shot. It was the wrong decision but I can see why the lino gave it, even if it was wrong.
  12. Loved the fluidity of them tonight. Just imagine when they are all 100% Also, Knight and Shinnie complimented each other very well. Knight is the most developed player out the academy since Hughes and Hendrick. Got some future
  13. Stills not always help here on this instance. Cocu was wrong in his comparison for me. What I would say is that I think the lino was influenced by Waggy jumping, whereas the Forest goal the lino was correct in not giving offside because the other Forest player wasn’t in the way. Both goals should have stood but I can understand the lino putting his flag up for ours because of Waggy jumping, if that makes sense. Fair point VAR, I’d rather human error
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