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  1. Martin on the bench, it’s worth a shot
  2. True, but I’m glad Keane rectified his early on..... Rice still developing for me, two/three years he’ll be a hell of a player
  3. Rice made one error but had a hand in a goal of ours, just like Keane.... swings and roundabouts that game...
  4. Wait until Rooney signs...... they’ll be more I can guarantee it......
  5. Hahahahaha I’m loving this thread.....
  6. I can see what he’s trying to do, I think we look a little light in midfield more than anything..... but if he strengthens right next summer. We will have a serious side. We’ve got rid of a lot of players..... it’s only been tonight where we’ve been out of a game.
  7. I’m not following blindly far from it..... but I’d say there’s a fair few of us who couldn’t be bothered about the result either way tonight, you are entitled to think it’s a massive game..... for me massive games are play off semis and finals for Derby..... it’s where I’m at with it. I remember the calls for Smith to go back in 95..... you could see the makings of a good team back then. Patience is the key here.... folk didn’t care how football was played back then like they do now, granted..... I get that, but being short term has got us nowhere for so long now.
  8. I’m not saying it ain’t..... all I’m saying is see the bigger picture..... we’ve been knocked out a cup we are unlikely ever to win unless we got to a decent standard in the prem...... yes it’s Forest, but I’d rather a manager whose thinking way ahead about the league instead of someone trying to please the fans all the time. This will take time...... I firmly believe we will get somewhere with this guy, it’s about time we afforded some patience, however rocky it’ll get
  9. When your 10-20 years older..... you’ll realise it don’t mean as much this game. I was the same as you at your age..... nowadays, it’s just a days piss take on social media and work. Dont let football ruin your day. It’s a loss..... see the bigger picture.
  10. Look at the bigger picture..... instead of being all short term yet again......
  11. Rooney missed pens/free kicks before?
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