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  1. Mafiabob


    Thank you mate for the info, I’m also in touch with Cam Adair if you know of him?
  2. Hi all, just wondering if there’s any gaming conferences/ events etc I should go to? I’m looking at gaming addiction in my new role and where would be the best place to get to network etc. Thanks
  3. Your opinions tend to be on another planet so I’m guessing 19 miles wasn’t much trouble 😉
  4. Thank you. If it reaches one it’s done it’s job
  5. Thank you to Derby for sharing this on all social media channels. I made this video on behalf of the new NHS Gambling Addiction Clinic in Leeds. Was humbling to do. Think this needs to stay on this part of the forum if that’s ok @David to hopefully have the full impact. You will also see this video on the Big Screen at the PNE game on the 23rd November. Kind Regards. The Mafia
  6. That line epitomises my political view change since I started vlogging..... some days I wished I never came out with my life about addiction, then I get someone who appreciates what I do and it’s helped them, and it spurs me on. You want to see the stuff I’ve had to put up with.... and it’s very fair to say it comes from the left wing of the political spectrum
  7. Still has to rise further as well.....
  8. Just thought I’d satisfy my ego
  9. Take note every Derby County fan to these words...... Patience is a virtue
  10. Been off the forum a bit and look what happens..... can’t leave any of you to it can I
  11. I’d say him going off against Barnsley pretty much lost is a chance to control the game and claim 3 points. Don’t understate the hate the guy gets
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