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  1. Why not - I absolutely went nuts when that equaliser went in, I couldn’t give two fooks what preceded it at that very moment. If you’re questioning “gloating” and a joke over a rival then I fear we can’t enjoy or do anything anymore..... lighten up a little, sometimes being less serious can be FUN
  2. Have to admit I did drop some C bombs in front of the kids when that went in
  3. Lacking pace - Waggy can’t be 💯 percent surely if he’s on the bench
  4. Horrific - hope he recovers. No way the game can go ahead surely?
  5. Heard Curtis Davies is an up and comer, been making the bench last couple of games.
  6. I said last 30 - I also thought we slowed the game down well and disrupted the game well last 30 against a pacy Reading side who used the subs not too shabbily.
  7. I'm guessing with him being on bench yesterday something must be close
  8. Think Hudds will be in for Rooney here - Waghorn back up top and maybe Lowe comes in for this one over Forsyth. What is important is that we do use the squad, this is an unprecedented time for all clubs and fitness is paramount. I wouldn't be surprised this ends up being a close game. Preston will come out the blocks as they haven't played well since the restart, whereas we have looked good for 2hrs 30 min of football and looked leggy, if albeit managed the last 30 minutes well against Reading.
  9. I would say when he and (Bennett) made the choice to get behind the wheel and drive after having a skinful definitely increased the chance of potentially killing someone. Talk to anyone affected by someones actions of drink driving. I don't think saying this is an overreaction is fair to be honest. What matters is that they have both learned their lessons and have been educated on the dangers of what they have done and that the ban on driving has taught them this. I also believe the ref got it right in sending both off yesterday. Would have I reacted in the same way? Probably. It is
  10. They did have masks - but used them as lavatories, along with burger boxes - this was however more hygienic than Festival portaloos
  11. 1,000,000 - 1,000,001 It doesn't matter, I am the most influential on here and I make the magic happen
  12. Your 'laundry' shall be cleaned
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