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Doncaster Rovers v Derby County


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What the chuff went on there then?

Have been back ages and have had to have a glass or two.

4-4-2 We obviously can't play that way.

They played wider than a tarts legs (I have just made that up and am quite proud), and we have been playing something like that, but not tonite.

Bad night.

Was horrified about people talking about the play offs - at least now we can concentrate on staying up. Next season, Champions.

I think a lot of us needed a bit of a reality check and we got one tonite.

Not a bad thing IMO.

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Well the bubble had to burst sometime i suppose that was awful, Teale and Davies - no supply to the strikers at all, Porter and Hulse not a good combination, we missed Common's last night, Green went missing like he did the first time we played Donny - his form has not been good the last few games, defence was awful - Nyatanga was just hoofing the ball as quickly as he could, Bywater was at fault for the second goal - but made some good save's, wouldn't give anyone motm except maybe Savage - great goal - and only made a couple of error's - and for keeping us smiling with his warm up antics - so glad that header didn't go in ! what an own goal that would of been :mad: Thought Tito might of come on instead of the Sterv - at least he is quicker.

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