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Don't Forget...


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did any of you forget??

wish kids would understand the extra hour in bed bit!!

oh well off down the race course to watch Ry play footy, bacon butty should see me through :)

Havnt been down there to play footy for ages, bloody ell know its bad when your my age an you feel old! lol

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showing your age Matty!!

it's still as cold down there and windy, even worse that Rys team lost :frown:

Yeah, forget what its like to be absolutely freezing and the ball smackin you in the back of ya legs, that sting haha. Then gettin home an havin a extra hot shower and bacon cobs :D

Kept me fit i guess, this PC lark doesnt! lol

Last time i went down there they had just put those pitches up in the centre with the railings and that round it, used to just be pitches an that. Then my grandad says he used to watch the races there! then i realise im not that old realy! lol

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Get back out there Matty, you will only regret it when you start heading into your thirties and your out of breath going up and down the stairs limping with dodgy knees.

I had to quit mainly because ive got bad knee's, tried to come back a while ago but been out for so long i am too unfit and would take me about 6 months of training to get back to fitness to play again!

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