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Masters Snooker 2016


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4 minutes ago, Malagaram said:

Can someone tell me if snooker players are subject to drug checks,some of them look awful,and if you watch carefully there is a lot of sniffing going on while they play,surely they dont all have colds !


Yes they are.

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I know it as fact

Do they drug test snooker players?

Yes. Snooker was the first professional sport to introduce an official drugs testing policy in April 1985. Prominent among the players who failed the test was Rex Williams, the Chairman of WPBSA (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association) itself.

WPBSA can request out-of-competition testing while in-competition testing is done randomly. World Snooker has the authority to test players in and out of competition in accordance with their anti-doping policy.

The last time there was a positive test, it cost Ronnie O'Sullivan his 1998 Irish Masters title. He also forfeited over £61,000 for winning first prize when a urine sample showed traces of cannabis.

(KGB answers)

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