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A student has apologised after being caught on camera urinating over a city centre war memorial.

Philip Laing, 19, will appear before magistrates in Sheffield later this month charged with outraging the public decency.

He was one of around 2,000 students taking part in the Carnage UK event on Sunday evening, during which many drunken scenes were caught on camera.

The students paid £10 each to take part in the drinking session.

Laing was reportedly in a "shocking state" and curled up for a sleep in front of a shop window, only to be woken by a group of giggling girls.

He was allegedly helped to his feet and walked over to the First World War memorial in Baker's Pool, where he relieved himself over tributes left to the fallen.

The incident was reported to security staff who washed down the memorial with buckets of water.

Laing issued his apology through Sheffield Hallam University.

He said: "I am deeply ashamed of this photograph and I am sincerely sorry for my behaviour.

"I have no recollection of the events in the photograph, although I recognise that this does not excuse my actions.

"I apologise unreservedly for any offence I may have caused."

-Yes it's disgracefull - but Im sure people have done a lot worse - if you look at the story in the sun he's a 'lout' and should be hung by the sounds of it -I think he has suffered enough with the story being published - or is it just me ?


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