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What is the funniest thing to ever happen in your life?


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Need a laugh so thought this would be a good topic!

Mine was a couple of years ago, my first year of uni and im on an all lads floor in the halls. We are having a night off the drink, its about 1am. Me and a mate are playing Xbox where im guessing other people are asleep.

I hear big banging from outside -

"Claire!!! Claire!!!" - It was a girls voice

So I opened the door to find a girl banging on a door shouting Claire.

"You alright duck?"

"Yeah my mate Claire won't let me in"

"But thats Jonny's door.... What floor is Claire on?"


"This is floor 1" - As I said this she fell back and slid down the wall, by this time all the other lads are getting out the rooms to see whats happening. The girl was still babbling on about something when suddenly she threw up all down herself. Us lot all laughing points her in the direction of the lift. SHe goes and we are all in the corridor laughing.

She pokes her head back round the door and shouts at us to stop laughing at her and comes back in the corridor. Shes taken her top off and all shes in is her bra. I shout at her "Youve got some sick on ya bra an all duck!" excepting her to show me 2 fingers along with a "**** off!" But she didn't.... SHe proceeds to take off her bra with the most god awful pair of tits I have ever seen. One was pointing at 10, the other at 2. So after this me and the lads christened her "orangatuan tits".

Anyway by this time shes getting a bit horny and wanting to come in one of our rooms asking for some water, we make our excuses and leave, except she doesnt - she spends the next 30mins banging on my mates door begging for him to let her in. Which he doesn't and she eventually goes.

In the dinner queue a few weeks later I got talking to this random gal, turns out her name is Claire.... Turns out its the same Claire and I mentioned what happened. She told me her mate got back in the end, but ended up ******** and throwing up all in her room and she couldn't live in it for a week.

Don't know how this little story comes across on the net, but when told face to face usually gets a laugh. Just thought id share

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Originally posted by Daveyboy;36025

Not one male student thought to take her inside for some loving, jeees what sort of Uni is this, students are meant to do owt thats walking I thought.

Maybe if I had a few, but seriously if I had done that it would of been my room full of **** and puke! First time ive ever had standards!! haha

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