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whats your favourite curry?


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whats your favourite curry?

mines the ones that blows your mouth off(ooohhhh eerrr mrs)

no really the hotter the better,

forget vindaloo,or madrass or phall,

the naga is the real deal,

naga i hear you ask?

its supposed to be the hottest chilli in the world and believe it or not it comes from the uk.

i get my curry mixes from a chap in the uk (birmingham) he grinds them all up for me so that way i can import them in to aus,

they are brilliant curries ,and so easy to make

the aussies love trigs curries ,except for the naga:eek:

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since the tikka is a ladies curry, and i'm a forest fan, i'm not sure i dare answer...

My local indian take-away makes a really nice Garlic buter Chicken Curry that has NO heat what so ever... and unfortunately that's the hottest i can eat...

In my defence I have IBS, a Hiatus Hernia, and Oesopogitis... so it's medical not just being a wuss

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