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Celebrities You Hate


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Rooney? why hate Rooney he's our key player to a decent World Cup, you lot are weird /ohmy

How can you hate a celebrity, if you don't like their radio show or tv programme don't watch it, maybe I'm full of too much love to waste my time hating celebrities.

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World Cup Final 2010

89mins England 0 - 0 Germany

Gerrard puts Rooney through he goes past one, he goes past two he shoots he scores!!!! England have won the World Cup

Boooooooooooooooooo the ugly mardy get pisss off booooooooooooooo

He's mardy as he's passionate about winning, and I for one will be singing his name next summer. Plus if your going to start hating people down to there looks why not add Doyle and Idiakez to the list?

And and and they are sportsmen, when did footballers become celebrities?

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I get forced to listen to Radio 2 at work..... At 2 a clock he comes on with a ***** 5 minute jingle. Then the rest of the show is him saying "ITS THE BIG SHOW!" and him saying is name over and over and over again. "STEVE WRIGHT! STEVE WRIGHT! YOUR LISTENING TO THE BIG SHOW WITH.... STEVE WRIGHT!" Hes worse then Jeremy fooking Kyle

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Since when did footballers become celebrities ? since they started going out wearing girly clothes and being pictured drunk in nightclubs - Beckham is to blame for that ! (the girly clothes)

Sharon Osbourne


Abby Titmus

Jodie Marsh

any big brother contestants

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ricky gervais

noel edmonds

paul o grady

christaino ronaldo

alex ferguson

preston (from the ordinary boys what a tw@)

garry linekar

adrian chiles

jimmy saville

john mcririck

peter andre

tony christie

dale winton

the guy off gmtv that does the tv section richard arnold i think his name is

lorraine kelly

jeremy kyle


i will be back with this one

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