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Notts County v Notts Forest Premiership Poll


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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;28563

Sorry people.

You're probably thinking, "Who is that **** who voted Forest?"

Well it's me. I unfortunately believe Billy will scrape a play-off victory for them in the 2010/11 season.


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Sorry to be a pain... but there's no such team as Notts Forest... so based on the question of Notts County or an Imaginary Team i'll have to go County...

Assumin you meant Nott'm Forest It'll have to be Forest - after all Sven is too busy looking at blondes on Nottingham Riviera, and the Arabs are too busy throwing money at stupid Logo designs

Plus, like it or not BD has a track record of getting teams promoted, we will go up... we may not stay up but we will go up... eventually

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Originally posted by David;29369

any idea what the Purple strip and H is for on the Notts County badge?

erm... the purple stripe represents selling out, and the H is because the Arabs that own County have a put Camel called Humphrey...

No idea about the purple other than maybe they'd been drinking - but from what i can tell the H is supposed to represent Robin Hood... which i assume means the extension to the horizontal is supposed to be an arrow...

Don't like it either way... should have kept the old logo! when every other club is simplifying their logo to being something that is clean and classy and can be used effectively in merchandise County go the other way... but then i guess they dont have the merchandising issue, you can put anything you want on a wooden wheelbarrow its still a wooden wheelbarrow

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