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New Forum Beta


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Has now been released and will be available for testing for members+ this afternoon, there will be a new sub board open and visable for Members+ on here later with all the details and a place to give feedback on everything from features, layout to colours as I don't want to be checking 2 forums.

What's a beta? It's the next stage after alpha, the beta is more stable and hard on creating close to full release, it will be able to be upgraded up until public release with bug fixes so will be available to access right up until we upgrade this forum.

No threads/posts will be transferred back over and you will need to register an account over there, please use the email address you have used to sign up on here so they can be cross checked on here. Any which don't show up will be removed.

Why members+ only? I only want a few people shouting feedback at me, it's a little perk for those that have supported the forum financially.

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Depends on the beta feedback/bugs reported. It's been delayed already quite a bit so hoping there won't be many beta releases before going public. I'm hoping not over Xmas as I'll be too pissed and will have to wait till I've sobered up some time in January

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