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All Play Off Finals 2013/2014


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is it ironic , fate ,  or just  football ...  that all the losers at this years play off finals  ...had there seating in the west side of Wembley ...  all the goals where scored  in the east side of Wembley ( with the exception of Qrient n Rotherhams penalty shoot out )  ....  must be  jinxed  ...?

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Add in Atletico´s loss and I got the perfect set of duff predictions.


Oh that was terrible. 


I'd just gotten back - put the telly on, saw it was 1-0 to Atletico with about 5 minutes to go and mentioned to MrsStaffs that "At least there's a silver lining to the day".....que Real goal. Later on "Oh well, at least Galen hasn't scor.....oh ****, he's just scored....", followed later by "Thank Christ at least the show pony hasn't.....ARGH!" - Yeah, Saturday was just one of those days.....

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