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A few stats ....


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Home games remaining


Burnley: stilll to play 7 top half teams. Stilll to play 1 bottom half team

Rams:  1 top half team. 7 bottom half teams

QPR: 4 top half teams. 4 bottom half teams



Away games remaining


Burnley: 2 top half teams. 6 bottom half teams

Rams: 5 top half teams. 3 bottom half teams

QPR: 4 top half teams. 5 bottom half teams



Remaining '6 pointers'


Burnley v Rams

Burnley v Leicester

Burnley v Forest

Forest v Leicester

Leicester v QPR

Rams v Forest

Reading v Rams

Reading v Leicester

Reading v Burnley

QPR v Forest

QPR v Reading

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Its the games v the likes of Sheff W, Bournemouth, Barnsley et al that worry me! The game's we are expected to win.


Agree comepletely.

There is a lot of luck involved from now on. Not just refereeing decisions and injuries, but also the times you play certain teams. If we get a side when they're in an unbeaten run, we could perform exactly the same, but get a different result to if we'd played them two months later, in their sticky patch.


We're in the mix, and at the start of the season, I would have been overjoyed at that.


If we get the luck, we welcome Arsenal next year. If we don't, we welcome Wigan, but we are a much better team, in a much better position.


Win win in my eyes.

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