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Far Cry 3


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Got it yesterday, put a fair few hours in and liking it so far, just seems a bit easy thats all.

I'm playing on survivor level but having the ability to fast travel in the middle of gun fights, being able to see people through buildings and mountains, enemy showing on the radar constantly, the enemy are blind/dumb, syringes that make tigers, bears etc. just stand there whilst you shoot them all seems like playing easy mode.

I know you don't have to use some of those things but having the options there just make it feel a bit nooby.

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Basicly you are on holiday with your friends and you get caught by pirates on the island. there you meet the character vaas who in my oppinion is the best villian EVER. You escape and you then have to rescue your friends, you do this by kearning the rules of the island and your new friend dennis. Not to mention the help of drugs. (by the way i remember there was a deal on at game where you. Could get it for £20

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