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K-State-9-0, ranked #2


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It's been awhile since I've gone about annoying you with my unreasonable American football passion. However for those who may have been wondering, my beloved College football team is on a tear. We're a national title contender with the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy(basically MVP of all of college football) at Quarterback. As far as our competition goes, well we are still a game ahead on the 2nd place team in the Big 12, the Oklahoma Sooners who we hold the tiebreaker over. As far as national goes, there is still 5 undefeated teams left in the major 6 conferences and an independent also undefeated.

1. Alabama-SEC

2. K-State-Big 12

3. Oregon-Pac 12

4. Notre Dame-Independent

9. Louisville-Big East(don't have a prayer bc of weak conference)

Unranked-Ohio State of the Big 10, however they're banned from postseason play.

It's going to be tricky and we most likely need Oregon or Alabama to lose to assure getting in. It wouldn't hurt if Notre Dame lost because they have tremendous historic clout that could sweep them in and the only serious threat for the Heisman is their star linebacker. However, we are looking at the greatest season in our history. So if you ever can, I would suggest finding a stream to watch us play if you can. I don't know if the national championship gets aired over there at all but I'll try not to get too ahead of myself. Now proceed with your handegg jokes.

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Nice going indeed. 9-0 is impressive. I'm aware of Heisman Trophy and what kind of players have won it previously so congrats for having a canditate, must be a thrill to be able to follow him. Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Notre Dame. Even I'm fed up with them. I saw quite a lot of them in the 80's. Hope they screw up.

Good luck with the season and remind us when you are playing so I can find the stream.

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Oh, how come Ohio State is banned from postseason ?

TatooGate as it's called. Several players traded game worn uniforms and other memoribilia for free tatoos. Ohio State's compliance department showed the evidenced to the coach who preceded to tell them to cover it up. There's a lot of other damning evidence that's come out of similiar situations but it was mostly ignored because it's Ohio State.

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop on gametimes and streams. Also Bama lost so we're now #1 and assured a spot in the national title game as long as we win out the next 2 games. Here's a good overview of the situation, as is.


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