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  1. Roos faced 50 shots on target in 16 games - 3.1 per game Carson faced 95 shots on target in 30 games - 3.1 per game The only difference was Roos saved a higher percentage of the shots, we conceded less goals and gathered more points per match. It actually shows that in protecting the goal from chances we actually remained pretty constant, the change in goalie made the difference.
  2. I suppose that is subjective, depends on what you look for in a keeper. However, as well as conceding significantly less goals when Roos was in the sticks, as stated we accumulated more points a game. Roos - 1.7 points per game - 78 points over a full season. Carson - 1.5 points per game - 69 points over a full season. Boro finished on 73 points. Therefore, it could be argued that without the change of goalkeepers and the positive effect it had we wouldn't have even been in a position to mess up at Wembley.
  3. If you want to concede more goals and accumulate less points. I like Carson, if Roos had left I wouldn't of been worried about him coming back in, but Kelle has been streets above him this season in every aspect.
  4. Thank you, good to have my contract situation sorted, really looking forward to getting to work over the next 3 years.
  5. People unfairly writing off Kelle due to 1 bad game I feel. So to add balance thought I'd make the case of why he HAS to be our number 1 next season. - 5th best minutes to goals conceded of all championship goalkeepers this season, averaging a goal against every 90 minutes. For comparison Carson averaged a goal against every 63 minutes. Thats a difference of conceding 46 games over a season against 65, how many points would that equate to? - If we'd conceded 46 goals this season we'd of had the third best defensive record, only 5 conceded more than the best. - His save percentage was 4th best in the league at 72%, bettered only by Randolph, Pantillimon and Dean Henderson. Carsons was 65%. Other factors such as increase in points per game etc. also reflect his impact on the team. I find people writing him off after such an impact as laughable, and lets be honest a knee jerk reaction from the playoff final performance.
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