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  1. Remain based campaign and economic doom that would befall the UK within weeks of voting leave. As we changed PM ( despicable running for the hills by an embarassed Cameron ) very few fiscal measures were undertaken and the economy carried on just fine.
  2. Absolutely rare. It's government of the day we allow to make and pass laws. Rarely we will ask the people. That's why it's so important to enact the people's wish when they vote. A lot of people won't realise we only had a referendum to join the EEC after we had joined .....amazing but true.
  3. I can't help you understand how the EU law is automatically able to be transcribed into our law. Someone else may wish to try. But believe me , they can pass laws straight into our law. I can see now why remainers such as yourself see the real world differently. You don't understand and everything you are corrected on you say is a lie I'm learning a lot about human traits on this thread than I'd ever imagined. Perhaps a fellow remainer can at least correct your obvious misunderstanding.
  4. I did not say we've had true democracy for hundreds of years. It's amazing how poorly English is read nowadays. Not a criticism, just a recurring observation. My words were : "Then you underestimate true democracy from a country that has had democracy for hundreds of years " That a person liked your criticism thinking there is a flaw in what I wrote is even more telling as to the biasedness of humans and ability to think logically and impartially.
  5. Heaven forbid, as if we chose to leave with a deal we'd lose another three years with the EU merely having to offer us a rubbish deal. Your point is valid, what would we vote on. Indicative referendums 🙃🙃
  6. Then you underestimate true democracy from a country that has had democracy for hundreds of years The people have only had the vote for around 100years so it's going to be a brave Parliament that votes against the people, especially as Parliament have already agreed to a hard brexit
  7. Will it include the minor reforms Cameron was offered. It's an endless list of options. Which should all be irrelevant as my majority vote on a large turnout we voted to leave, against the wishes of the state and the government. That it's now called a peoples vote is beyond humourous. I would not vote in any ref2 unless it asked the exact same question as the first ref. People saying it was too simplistic a question, forget that the Electoral Commission had to reject Cameron's first attempt at a referendum question, because it was too vague.
  8. You've broken the 48hr rule ... You got your thread moved to correct place within 48hours ...... So no more suspense
  9. It was no big deal. Post removed and away we all go ( I just stay logged in and the ignore function is cool ) Hope you read this reply 😁😁
  10. Rightly or wrongly i tend to go with the direction of travel, which is towards a joint army and joint foreign policy ( which is meaningless without an army to have available ) It may never come to fruition, and we wouldn't ever join it even if we were within the EU. It would also fail the minute the French are asked to share their nuclear capability with the EU I was interested observing the implied warmth towards it from some remainers here
  11. That's a decent read. It is far fetched having s EU army and it would be do insignificant as to irrelevant as long as we stayed out of any EU army. I'm surprised, but I also note how keenly an EU army would be welcomed by most remainers (if the ones recently posting are a true reflection of remainers position ) It's also hard to find what a remainer actually thinks on most subjects. Would you like an EU army or would you like us to join the Franco prussian/German link up ? So it remains to be seen if the keenness to have a EU army gets replicated across the EU and it might happen. Any idea why Germany and France would unite and pool their armies? Seems all so 1870's to me and we know where that ended up And should I research further or stick at the Groniad? https://www.businessinsider.com/eu-countries-agree-mega-army-2017-11?r=US&IR=T "23 EU countries, including Germany and France, have agreed to integrate their defense forces. The pact will be made legally binding when it is signed in December."
  12. Sounds like a democratic approach. Questions I asked a remainer who asked me what was wrong with an EU army. No reply as yet. And today another remainer asked what I thought was bad. I politely asked for any good reasons and was given intelligence sharing ( which happens in the EU regardless of whether an EU army edits or not ) A reminder to the remainers of why an EU army is bad How do you see it operating? Does the UK get to use all our army or just parts of it ? Under who's control? Who pays for it ?  Who decides whether the UK renew any nuclear deterrent? The EU or the UK? If the EU decide is that the EU commissionaires? Do we let our army follow EU foreign policy decisions? Do we let EU or NATO have first call on our support ? What if NATO decides to take no action ( say against Iran ) but the EU decide to take military action. Do we just go against NATO ?  Does the EU thus become a nuclear power over night?
  13. Ninos DM'd me to say he was wrong to say dream job, and that he wish he'd played Vydra at Fulham. 🙃🙃
  14. Asking questions and expecting an answer is a novel approach. Fingers crossed for you 👍👍
  15. Country won't heal for years, as after three years remoaners still can't accept we are leaving either A) the EU behind Or B) democracy behind
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