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  1. If we lose Saturday

    what if we lose and keith scores?
  2. David Davis

    hahaha i see what you did there, cos you know bolton signed noone bravo sir bravo
  3. David Davis

    ah ok, so our plan to fix this, to avoid another post christmas capitulation is to not get ourselves in a position to capitulate. its all so clear now. so a couple of average seasons with rowett and a average team and we can have another bloody go in a few seasons when noone expects us too. i got the plan sussed out. i see why we are looking at dross like this davies fellow now.
  4. David Davis

    no your absolutley right its not his fault, and cloughs teams were worse however they improved, they played football, how often did the players just not turn up? cloughs tenure was hard because we were such a state when he took over, rowett has taken over a squad of players from different managers and i know its going to be hard, he had 10 games last season and we are at the end of the 'first sprint' are we a better team than when he took over?
  5. David Davis

    no sir, i did not, would you care to explain
  6. David Davis

    i think he means that he is uninspiring and is a mediocre championship manager
  7. David Davis

    pre wemberly we had a team that played 'football' nand there was evidence of progress, we were improving, there were players to be excited about in the team, there was a feeling of something special happening, post wemberly id go so far as to say that none of the above is true anymore
  8. David Davis

    why are we wasting our time on players like this mediocre championship player at best we should have our sights set higher than this. rowetts transfer business has been uninspiring
  9. some people should be euthanised, but i guess dcfc arent in a position to do that so a lifetime ban will have to do
  10. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    Ryan Kent is garbage and we should not be wasting our time with players like this
  11. Ryan Kent - Signed for SC Freiburg on loan

    isnt this the guy thats really crap?
  12. Is Rowett up to the job

    which match? just out of interest, if you are going to try and inform me that were not that bad and theres some positive signs then please dont waste either of our times.
  13. What are we in desperate need of?

    Rowett needs to get rid of the players that are holding this team back. if we end up with a team of u23s and youth players that are working there nads off and losing to sheff united 3-1 i will not care anywhere near as much as i do when i watch this current rif raf (il still be miffed but it wouldnt be as bad)
  14. Is Rowett up to the job

    bring it on
  15. Is Rowett up to the job

    No Rowett is not up to the job, This is Derby County Football Club. losing three one to sheffield united is disgraceful, scraping a win against bloody grimsby awful, we are no better than the end of last season if anything we are weaker, we are five games into this season, we have a negative goal difference, we have had our arses handed to us by wolverhampton f'in wanderererers. its alright though right because you know we battered the mighty preston north end 1-0 and we looked really good against a god awful bolton side, we drew with sunderland which in hindsight is a decent point... no its not there garbage! and we have been beaten by sheff united. i dont understand what he is doing tactically, i dont want him to go, i want him to stop being a little bitch and lets go and play football lets not spend 90 mins sitting as deep as possible lets go and take a game to the opposition, instead of us worrying about what there going to do lets give them something to worry about. come on gary take your management up a level, your not at birmingham or burton now your at Derby County.

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