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  1. I voted 3/10 as in my opinion this was a massive missed opportunity. I don’t think one player will look back at this match in the future and think you know what, that was everything I had. That includes the management. I’m not having a massive pop at the team or anyone involved. In weeks/months/years we won’t look back at this match with any other thought but what if. Again it’s my opinion it might not be popular but the reality is we were in a cup final at the home of football and got it all wrong. I look forward to the team growing from this experience but I was hugely disappointed
  2. It’s not your fault buddy. It just wasn’t meant to be. All these play off lows are going to make promotion oh so sweet when it does happen.
  3. Hope there’s still some available come Tuesday 6pm
  4. I’m buzzing for Sunday!! This is what being a fan is all about isn’t it?
  5. Brentford are a very good team, especially at there place, this result won’t be the be all and end all of the season. We need 5 wins I reckon to nail this play off spot it’s going to be really tough
  6. A really disappointing performance so far. Still 45 mins to go too restore some pride COYR
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