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  1. Johnny Russell - Will he sign a new contract?

    I don’t understand what you mean when you say “when we come back down” once we are up there is no down. No room for that kind of negative mentality here I’m afraid
  2. Johnny Russell - Will he sign a new contract?

    As much as I like johnny as a player I can’t seem him being with us long term, I just don’t think he’s cut out for champions league football.
  3. George Thorne

    soooo good
  4. George Thorne

    Hope his new contract is ready to be signed after this game
  5. George Thorne

    im really hoping there is a deal for him but i could completely sympathise with him leaving too.
  6. George Thorne

    Hurry up and sign a new deal im dreading going into january and hes not got a new deal
  7. So what if.....

    could we dress up Chris Martin in Vydras clothes, accept the bid and send martin instead? this is all hypothetical of course, in reality martin would never fit in vydras clothes
  8. 23 Down, 23 To Play

    so far so good
  9. George Thorne

    It doesn’t matter if he’s injury prone he’s George bloody Thorne and the bloke is a fantastic footballer and if his injuries are behind him which they hopefully are after being managed so well then he better be wearing the black and white of derby county
  10. George Thorne

    Just give him a new deal already
  11. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    not ryan kent please no :-/ give one of the u23s a chance whats the point in all that investment if when we need cover we go and get someones elses prospect ps ryan kent is awful
  12. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    today was acceptable not magnificent
  13. Time to go !

    the damage this man has done to the squad in 6 months is unbelievable, i dread to think what state it will be in at the end of the season. would you really want to trust him with another transfer window after his performance in the last one
  14. Time to go !

    for the life of me i cannot see how fans are still defending rowett everyone is entitled to there own opinion but gee whizz, after tonights performance he should bloody resign let alone be sacked. at this point i dont think it matters who would be bought in as surely they cannot be as inept as gary rowett.

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