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  1. Cocus football is an interesting topic.I reckon his big game plan is that we get our breakthrough through explosive moves. So we play it nice and slow around the back and probe into midfield and then the aim is a sudden change of pace and we bomb forward. On paper it sounds good but I think it’s flawed, it allows players to “hide”. When players aren’t confident enough to look to start the forward moves we end up with this silly passing around the back and shooting our selves in the foot. I feel for the young lads because ultimately there new to this level and i can sympathise with them when
  2. Bogles issues as a defender are all down to him not wanting to be a defender in my opinion, he’s fantastic going forward but when it comes to defensive duties he’s not interested, he does just enough. Mix that with no real competition for his spot on the team sheet and I reckon that’s why we see these half arsed jogs back to his position more often than not.
  3. Couldn’t agree more with being shrewd in the market. I am hopeful that cocu has some exciting targets. But I still think we’ll need money and my first choice would be bogle, because of his attacking ability, age being English, we could get a good price.
  4. Ok, so where else in the squad are we going to the money to sign a goalkeeper, another defender, two wingers and a striker from?? we are going to have to sell some players, I knew my opinion on bogle would be a controversial one but who else would you sell? Bogle as a defender is a liability, we have been so poor defending crosses for two seasons now, it’s not all his fault I’m aware of that but it hasn’t improved
  5. I get that bogle is only 19, and would have loved him to be our right back for the next 15 years, but he cannot defend. He’s been our first choice right back for 2 seasons now, and hasn’t improved defensively, he’s fantastic going forward At times no doubt about it but awful when it comes to defending. I just don’t see a player that wants to defend. It’s not just him the defence in general is not inspirational, but he’s a player we could sell and improve the whole squad.
  6. Il probably get poo for this, but bogle is not good enough. I hope we cash in on him and get a defender in who can defend.
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