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  1. Can one of the admins remove the topic about how great our full backs are? It appears to have jinxed them?
  2. Just need to up the intensity a notch. Do what we are doing just quicker
  3. dont see this point in this thread, leeds will bottle it and we will beat forest on our way to the premier league in the play offs.
  4. its tough as everything is just going over them constantly. i think the lack of natural wide players is our biggest issue. everything is so congested. knight is doing a good job on the right but if we had a couple of proper wingers i think it would make all the difference.
  5. i dont think i have ever been more gutted about a player leaving, he was soooo freaking good but equally as unlucky with injuries. he was supposed to be going to the very top not oxford.
  6. He doesn’t suit the way we play in my opinion. I don’t think he’s over rated, he’s just not in the right place. his goal against Leeds will ensure he’s always a favourite of mine but in years to come that will be all he’s remembered for here in my opinion.
  7. if the efl have charged us because we have sold an asset for a larger fee than what the efl consider it is worth, then surely they have to look at all sales of assets of all clubs. Shouldn’t players be classed as assets? If you do this to one club then all clubs should be treated the same, next tine a player is sold for big bucks what’s to stop someone complaining that he wasn’t worth that much and the efl having to value the player? Or am I just being petulant
  8. No we don’t have numerous threads on this. The threads your referring to are an endless moan and groan about how awful everything is. I was trying to put something positive in and amongst everything.
  9. Title says it all, I support the guy 100%. just you wait till he’s got some actual football players to manage.
  10. Wel bugger, 6 away games without a goal. I’m really looking forward to us being a good football team again.
  11. no its not. goalkeepers are horrendous. defence is frightening, midfield is offensive strikers could be good if we had some footballers in other positions.
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