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  1. Bazal77

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Look at the twatter account
  2. We need a FOOTBALL manager not a coach, not a snake with nice trainers, not a number 2 and not a middle aged chav in a tracksuit I don’t know who fits the bill and if I’m honest I think we need someone who can from the bottom up revolutionise the club, embed a philosophy in the club that any future managers, player, staff, tea ladies whoever is associated with the club buys into and is accountable too. Please get it right this time
  3. Bazal77

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    If he goes then I kinda want Wassall in charge, this club needs an identity, it needs foundations putting in place from the bottom up, we can’t have a different style of play every 5 mins we need a philosophy. Has anyone who has attended the u23 games been disappointed in what they have seen footballing wise, we are going to have to blood youth into the squad and he knows them all better than anyone? Might not be a popular train of thought but hey ho
  4. Bazal77

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I would happily hand deliver his cv to stoke for him.
  5. Bazal77

    I am losing interest

    👍 I’m not very good on these mobile telephonics
  6. Bazal77

    I am losing interest

    I just can’t see a positive future under rowett. Cant trust what he says as he fails to deliver, even down to last night he stated we would attack Fulham ...... but it was clear that was never his plan brand of football - anti football and **** anti football at that personnel - most uninspiring derby team for quite a while i sure hope we have a nice kit next season
  7. Bazal77

    The rebuild starts:

    i really hope we are not relying on jerome for our goals next season. we need new left back and right back we need a centre midfielder who can run we need attacking midfielders who arent workman like we need a prolific striker the concern was we had all of these and they were shipped out the club (aside from left back and right back)
  8. Bazal77

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    Rowett is soooo negative, hes got his head screwed on tactically however i think he just focuses too much on what the opposition are going to do and not enough on what we can do. we are so one dimensional and predictable. i dont like him as a manager and i wouldnt be slightly arsed if he was shown the door, but i do believe hes trying his best, i just wish he would take the shackles off the players. at the moment hes just a really **** mourinho
  9. Bazal77

    The rebuild starts:

    his squad needs more than a few tweaks
  10. Bazal77

    Best team won

    i would have started our top scorer, i would have defended as we did for the first twenty minutes but then i would have 'gone for it' we dug in and if thats the derby way then so be it, but when they scored the game was begging for a change you could see it, but nothing happened. fulham deserved to win no qualms with that but im just diappointed that that is how we performed and how we were managed
  11. Bazal77

    Best team won

    granted im extrmely annoyed, however that match was screaming out for a change of something, it was poorly managed, we went to fulham and basically commited suicide by digging in from the 1st minute, there wasnt a sane person who honestly could see us defending for the entire 90 mins
  12. Bazal77

    Best team won

    Only one “football” team turned up tonight Performance was disgusting and an insult to everyone who watched it and backed the team
  13. Bazal77

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    This performance, this team, this manager makes me want to cry
  14. Bazal77

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    we needed that well played boys 5 more wins and we are there
  15. Bazal77

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    really? we hoof the ball forward and hope someone cocks up or jerome manages to bundle the ball somewhere in the right direction, and then when we have a single moment of quality ..... he cant finish its not good enough simple. its dross. its boring and how anyone can sit there and be content with that performance is beyond me, but we all have opinions and id never tell anyone there wrong, but i can say for certain, if it looks like hoofball garbage then its probably hoofball garbage

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