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  1. Reckon it's not going to end well.
  2. What has Martin done to not be in contention. He's at least as good as Waghorn (or was).
  3. Well done lads. What a pathetic thing Bamford is he is in the right place with dirties.
  4. Bottom line we don't haven't have enough quality.
  5. Awful performance, as bad as I've seen. Amateur to play Nugent.
  6. Outclassed outskilled, out managed, out played, back to the drawing board. WTF did he play or even have Nuugent in the squad
  7. Once the loanees return what are we left with? Going to take time and money. Could do with the same kind of backers that Wolves have. However, a quality manager needs to be part of it, witness the red dogs who have had the investment without the management.
  8. If offered he'll be off like a shot. His chances of getting us promoted are remote. Our squad is light years off the standard of the Prem. After years of overpriced flops (and those who are not are loaned out for the dosh) we do need someone who can put a proper squad together. It will require serious financial support and acumen - Wolves springs to mind and the path them down the road are on.
  9. We have the worst goal difference in the top ten. We need someone who can hold the ball. I'd take Martin any day over Waghorn or Nugent.
  10. Need more firepower. Martin scored for Hull 6 minutes after coming on.
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