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  1. Too true, but there were others: Hunter especially.
  2. Won there drew at BG I was there. Wonderful time.
  3. Be another 50 years at least unless they get relegated. It seems like yesterday withe the Prince of Wales in his pomp and Les Green’s save from Jimmy Greaves.
  4. Shouldn’t expect too much from the kids. What a state we’re in. Skint and pretty pp.
  5. Agreed shame about the Ossis Park Hotel. Had our wedding reception there in 1963.
  6. We always struggle against bottom sides, get dragged down to their level. Wonder if the Gumps will get caught by FPP having so many buys and not getting promoted so nowhere to hide. Won’t be able to sell their ‘ground’ they are tenants,
  7. Waste of time for some they can’t do better consistently.
  8. He’s got one extra make it 2. By far our best forward.
  9. If we played till Christmas I doubt we’d score. Pitiful. We don’t have an effective midfield. Roll on the end of the season.
  10. Huffing and puffing getting nowhere. So utterly predictable.
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