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  1. Martin will be gone come end of season - sacrificed to the financial shambles we're in. The same as Keogh's sacking. Best if we start again with new people from top to bottom. Pity it's going be a long haul to resurrect the club.
  2. As long as Cocu's here this is the future.
  3. Pitiful. Time for clear out starting with the owner.
  4. Ref Decides not to make a crap match worse so turns a blind eye. Gawd we're awful.
  5. 80 million would be too much for the entire club. Trouble ahead.
  6. Most championship clubs are spending more than they earn in income. The pursuit of the Prem has thrown sanity out of the window. Derby has mostly ditched/sacked the high earners but the bubble is about to burst.
  7. Thought Marriott was poor. Chris was the better option.
  8. So pleased with the performance of all.
  9. NC's treatment of Cywka was totally unacceptable. Such things should not be made public. He incurred the wrath of the player's union over his tantrums. Never again for me. Mac3 or some other worthy over the current flop.
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