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  1. Disgraceful decision. I wish them nothing but harm
  2. Indeed Vulcan, a slightly facetious remark on my account. All meant in good faith I assure you. I was but a small boy back then but heard all about them from my dad. I can't hold the same feelings as you having not experienced it first hand, although I assure you they're 2nd on my list of 'non grata' clubs. As you were shaped by that period, for me it was the late 70s / early 80s and the subsequent 'in your face' supporters as the inbreds were enjoying success under Cloughie whilst we struggled and ended up in Division 3. I don't enjoy the banter, never have. It was all too one sided during my formative years. I now work in N********m and out of a workforce of over 500 I'm an extremely lonely Ram.😪😪🎻🎻
  3. What a ludicrous statement Nurse...... nurse..... Vulcan needs his medicine
  4. I remember him taking a dive to win a pen at York. Went down like Lee Harvey Oswald was on the main stand roof. Rolled around a bit, ref gave the pen and he stuck thumbs up to Bobby D and jumped straight up. Won 3-1 if i recall correctly. The team bus dropped Andy Garner (Sub that day) at Swanwick Island and we gave him a lift home to Stonebroom. Not every day you give a player a lift home Memories eh.... now where did I put my pint? All the best to Mickey. He played his part under King Arthur.
  5. Yes please Oh. Sorry thought it was.... Never mind...
  6. Only seen the footage today. A true act of cowardice. From 15 years old to 45 years old I played at varying levels, from Pub league to semi - pro. It will never be proven whether he meant to tread on him or not but based on my playing experience, the guilt is totally proven. A 100% avoidable situation. Unless you don't want to avoid it that is. Mings is a cowardly thug. Praise be that he didn't come to Derby.
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