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  1. @Burton Ram Why the angry face. You can't do that without explanation. Come on dude. Tell me
  2. I can confirm it was him. Not checked it out but have decided he did say that. What a @#$#$@!%^&%$#รท=_=#. BTW. I remember Buckos dogs thingy. Thinking of Boro and Gibson reminded me
  3. Was it him who said we're gonna smash the Championship. Errrrr........ No 1 turd
  4. Always thought Boro a basket case despite Gibson. Just proved how classless he is with his timing of this Any trick to try to derail us. Shame on you Steve Gibson. As underhand as is possible. Disgusting town, club and owner
  5. I wore my 'lucky pants ' for both Leeds games on the premise that we only lost 1-0. I did tho wear different shorts. Unfortunately I am unable to wear said shorts as I ripped a massive hole in them whilst prancing around the pub celebrating the 4th. (Shouldn't wear slim fit at my age) I took them into Belper to have them mended but they wouldn't be back til Wednesday. So the conundrum is 1. Same shorts with arse hanging out all day but at least my lucky pants will be on show. 2. Remember that I'm 51 and it makes no difference Which ever course of action I decide upon I will still be razoring my head to babys bottom style as it clearly brings us luck.
  6. Derby Summer Time begins 16.55* Mon 27th May ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž *approx
  7. @ronnieronalde Only managed the Roy Keane one so far but loved it. Don't be put off by your perceived "waffling". Adds a bit of depth to the story for me. Maybe it's a Ronnie thing. Loved listening to Ronnie Corbetts elongated tales back in the day. Perhaps you should buy a massive leather chair! Keep em coming mate.
  8. 22 of my family/ friends ( me included) have a season ticket. Pretty simple from there really
  9. Got all my family (22 of us) a ticket on Friday. But then I had a csll from a bloke I met in Greece 8 years ago who remembered I was a Ram. He's never been to a match before but he told such a sobby story I gave up mine for him. But I have a mate who works at Wembley who said I could have his seat. I didn't realise his job was maintenance of the Arch. Not a bad view tho....
  10. You're absolutely correct sir. It's also the most self amusing. Afraid I am unable to help myself.
  11. Clearly through ignorance. Please explain. I'm obviously not on your level of intelligence. Can you write it in big letters please. I have a problem with joined up writing. I'll check it out in the morning. My mummy just shouted up to put my tablet down and go to sleep.
  12. Because it's clearly relative to the stick people are giving Lampard. It's about perspective. EG. I would always expect anyone to be better at their job than an apprentice. It doesn't mean Frank is useless/ clueless/ rubbish etc. It means Bielsa is pretty smart and has proved it in nigh on 30 years of management. If you don't see that then you won't see anything. I think your username pretty much sums you up TBF
  13. Please tell me where I said that. Read it again. Put a balanced view on today - if you're capable.
  14. Not bothered to read the thread after 1st page as majority are talking out of their back passage. Sometimes you play teams that are better than you. Sometimes you play against a side that are set up perfectly to stop you. They were both ,with a manager who has overseen 600 odd matches against Franks 50 odd. You need to wind your neck in boys. You're spouting carp
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