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  1. Charlie Dram

    Poor ref again no back bone

    Neither were pens. 2 dives. The fact they scored after the 2nd is insignificant. The whistle went and Carson lamely stuck a hand out AFTER the ref had blown. Quite clear that Maddison particularly thrives on the darker arts of the game. Heard lots about him but ultimately disappointed that he feels the need to stoop so low. We were poor today, but not as poor as the officials. That's not to blame them, but not convinced Norwich would have scored without their intervention.
  2. Charlie Dram

    Giving up being positive

    And here's me starting to worry. I'm the happiest man on the planet in comparison to your good self. Cheers for that. I've a spring in my step once more. ?
  3. Charlie Dram

    James McClean

    Err. Sorry. What hate is that. You been on the sauce fella? Think you've confused your self.
  4. Charlie Dram

    James McClean

    Not read the full thread so it may have been mentioned. Personally I don't think political views make any difference as long as they don't cross the boundaries of legality. Good player. Works for me.
  5. Charlie Dram

    Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan

    What's with the Burton love in? Wish Bent all the best and that's as far as it goes. Burton Albion = nothing to me. They got a bit big for their boots last season. Hope they go back to where they came from and never resurface.
  6. Charlie Dram

    Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I've heard he speaks highly of you. It's not about being better than. It's about being different to..... Stories of our interest might be pie in the sky, but I'd have no issues if it was true. Options.
  7. Charlie Dram

    Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    We'd be top then? Cos Hughes would just so fit the system
  8. Charlie Dram

    Tom Bayliss

    I love puns. Some of you guys sure have a wicket sense of humour
  9. Charlie Dram

    My seat was sold

    Is it that diffcult difficult to understand? A real person was in my seat with a seemingly genuine ticket. Ridiculously, in an effort to glean further and possibly useful information, I chose to ask a Derby County related question on a Derby County forum. Can't imagine what came over me. There's no great rush to contact the club as we'e not at home again til the 19th. Not sure why you're so concerned what order I do things in. Nor am I sure why you feel the need to be so contrary in replying to a simple question.
  10. Charlie Dram

    My seat was sold

    Seemingly genuine? Or not? Not trying to rubbish your story but perhaps he was in the wrong seat and it was nothing but an accident??? Seemingly genuine as in the ticket he showed me. Correct Stairway Block Seat and Row.
  11. Charlie Dram

    My seat was sold

    Turned up on Monday to Sheff U game and a fella was sat in my boys seat with a print at home ticket. Checked it out and it was seemingly genuine. Not contacted Derby yet to see how this happened, thought I'd ask the question on here 1st to see if any one else has had a similar issue. Fortunately there were a couple of seats nearby and I ushered the fella into one of those but on another day could cause an issue if no spares around. Interested to hear of any other instances.
  12. Charlie Dram

    What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Long passes, not long balls. Massive difference. Personally I have no problem with a long pass. It's about transiton of play. Get it forward whilst the opposition are out of shape. Always more likely to create a chance in that scenario. If we're lumping up to a 6ft 4in CF and trying to pick up 2nd phase then I have a problem. But we haven't, we don't and we won't. I fully expect the performances will get better as time goes on and GR further shapes his squad. In the meantime happy to pick up points and be in 6th. On the subject of GT it proves what a ridiculous situation players returning from injury are now in. Couple of years ago George would be off to Barnsley or Bolton or wherever on a months loan. Now he can't. Restraint of trade in my eyes.

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