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  1. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I've heard he speaks highly of you. It's not about being better than. It's about being different to..... Stories of our interest might be pie in the sky, but I'd have no issues if it was true. Options.
  2. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    We'd be top then? Cos Hughes would just so fit the system
  3. Tom Bayliss

    I love puns. Some of you guys sure have a wicket sense of humour
  4. My seat was sold

    Is it that diffcult difficult to understand? A real person was in my seat with a seemingly genuine ticket. Ridiculously, in an effort to glean further and possibly useful information, I chose to ask a Derby County related question on a Derby County forum. Can't imagine what came over me. There's no great rush to contact the club as we'e not at home again til the 19th. Not sure why you're so concerned what order I do things in. Nor am I sure why you feel the need to be so contrary in replying to a simple question.
  5. My seat was sold

    Seemingly genuine? Or not? Not trying to rubbish your story but perhaps he was in the wrong seat and it was nothing but an accident??? Seemingly genuine as in the ticket he showed me. Correct Stairway Block Seat and Row.
  6. My seat was sold

    Turned up on Monday to Sheff U game and a fella was sat in my boys seat with a print at home ticket. Checked it out and it was seemingly genuine. Not contacted Derby yet to see how this happened, thought I'd ask the question on here 1st to see if any one else has had a similar issue. Fortunately there were a couple of seats nearby and I ushered the fella into one of those but on another day could cause an issue if no spares around. Interested to hear of any other instances.
  7. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Long passes, not long balls. Massive difference. Personally I have no problem with a long pass. It's about transiton of play. Get it forward whilst the opposition are out of shape. Always more likely to create a chance in that scenario. If we're lumping up to a 6ft 4in CF and trying to pick up 2nd phase then I have a problem. But we haven't, we don't and we won't. I fully expect the performances will get better as time goes on and GR further shapes his squad. In the meantime happy to pick up points and be in 6th. On the subject of GT it proves what a ridiculous situation players returning from injury are now in. Couple of years ago George would be off to Barnsley or Bolton or wherever on a months loan. Now he can't. Restraint of trade in my eyes.
  8. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Thats why his Dad had to sign the contract. You know that thing that his Dad was happy to sign and now wants ripping up cos it doesn't suit anymore. Yeah. That's the one. That piece of paper that he put his name on to say he was happy with what it said.
  9. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Precisely. Just imagine for arguments sake that we pretend an obviously hypothetical figure of £65k was paid by Derby. That wouldn't be quite the same story I suppose if they were asking for their money back along with another £55k for 3 years Cat 1. Of course I'm just plucking numbers out of the sky and obviously I definitely don't have a contact who's coached him, but just imagine for a moment if they were the real figures!!!!! Of course I would imagine that the reported figures are pretty accurate!!!!
  10. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    If I knew someone who has coached him he might tell me that Derby paid just under tenfold of the reported £7k
  11. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    Can't look like that. My head resembles a snooker ball.
  12. Joe Ledley’s Beard

    I'm in a bit of a quandary. Getting serious gyp from the wife about the volume of my beard. I was considering trimming it until Ledley signed, but then felt honourbound to keep it upon his arrival at Derby. When I first grew it a couple of years ago folks asked my what was with the beard. I used to Google Ledley to show them. Many were in awe of what I believe is the best beard in world sport. (Moeen pushes it close but no tache so not quite there) If I shave it, does it weaken Ledley, as his beard might need other beards around it, or will it strengthen Ledley by being able to receive more 'beard love' because I'm not using that love anymore. I genuinely don't know what to do. I'm not at Cardiff tomorrow, so with the next match I'm going to being the trees I really need to get it right. I realise it's probably one of the most thought provoking posts on here in a while, and I don't want to cause massive fall outs between fellow Rams, but I would appreciate any input.
  13. Johnny Russell

    I've certainly not forgot that. Nearly all of our recent 'wingers' have been strikers. That's been a problem for a while.
  14. Johnny Russell

    We moved to 4-3-3 in that very game as I recall. Happy to be corrected as I missed the majority of the first part of that season but I'm of the mind that the formation was altered on numerous occasions mid game during those 9 matches. Whilst JR started out up top he often moved out wide later on in the game. My memory is pretty poor ( I drink too much and I am gettin on) so if that's not the case then I'm more than happy to take myself off into a corner and give myself a good old fashioned shoeing.
  15. Johnny Russell

    But what caused these spaces? What caused this inabilty.? Mac1? PC? DW? NP? Mac2? GR? 100% of our squad fit a system. Unfortunately only (maximum) around 75% fit any system we've tried since Mac 1. A mish mash of players from numerous sources in an unidentified system. I don't blame a single 1 of the managers. One common denominator ( and no, not Keogh). Drum roll........It's Uncle Meddler.

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