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  1. Aren’t gate receipts shared (60:40?) in the FA Cup? So it’ll actually benefit us a bit too! Granted, not quite the same as a sell out at Old Trafford but every little helps and all that.....
  2. Think that’s referring to the value of Merit Capital - as in Duet bought Merit (for an undisclosed cost) but they’re “worth” $1.3bn No idea how much Gabay is personally worth, be extremely surprised if this is publicly available.
  3. I think the point is (my view of it ) is that if he had accepted the reduced wages it would have been under a completely new contract i.e. he still would have had his original contract terminated (been sacked) but reemployed on a new contract with reduced wages. Basically the club still finding him guilty of gross misconduct but accepting they want him to remain employed with the club, albeit his worth to them is much much less.
  4. I'm pretty sure the reduced wages offer would have been made "Without Prejudice" i.e. cannot be used against them in any subsequent legal action. At least I hope it was for Mel's sake....
  5. You've obviously watched a hell of a lot of full Championship games this season to be so firm in your judgement then?
  6. He did aye, but didn't he/Cocu come say afterwards that it was a muscle (hamstring?) twinge from the strike of the ball as opposed to the over zealous Barnsley defender?
  7. Am sure it was reported when we signed Bielik (poss from a Charlton journalist?) that he appeared more prone to muscle injuries than most other players. Could be that this will just become par for the course with him and we have to expect he'll miss 2 out of every 10 games etc. Chances of Bjarnason signing would likely be increased now I'd guess...just hope he's somewhere close to being match fit
  8. This. Watched every game through Sky/Rams TV over here since I arrived in early Jan (bar the play-off final which I came back for) and the moaning (booing prob too strong) is definitely more noticeable at PP of late...
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