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  1. They look more like scoring then we do..
  2. Just embarrassing watch this..there’s nothing there..
  3. Look like headless chickens 🐓
  4. Spot on that mate..dreadful until the subs were made..clueless once we got near there goal aswel,seemed to panic who to pass it to next.the highlight of my day was the atmosphere created by the Derby fans..well done
  5. Thanks pal,will definitely be there tomorrow..
  6. Any body no if you could pay on the gate if there’s tickets left from the second allocation..I live in Brighton so don’t want really want to have them posted in case don’t arrive in time..
  7. The club also emails people about this £20 deal aswell..
  8. Were has bris gone... he ain’t been spouting off his drivel for weeks I wonder why..come on bris sing us a song fella u no u want to
  9. Stop being a party pooper can’t you see we all on the Frankie train enjoy and believe matey
  10. Tiredness seemed to show tbh very unlucky not get the 3 points but it’s been a great week onwards and upwards 🐑🐑
  11. I bet bris is loving this,I can imagine him having his bovril at half time chomping at the bit😂
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