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  1. TommyPowel

    Ridiculous Ticket price

    Plus it isnt £37 per week on average we only play half to time at home so in the main it costs £37 a fortnight if you dont travel away
  2. TommyPowel

    Jack Marriott

    Well we had the wardrobe now weve got the whole hotel what a player
  3. TommyPowel


    what he means is the ones that disagree with him secretly do comedy gold
  4. TommyPowel

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    Surely a managers job is just that. Not to manage just the players hes signed.The question should be is he doing a job .The answer must be a resounding yes.Will he get promotion this season probably not.Will he serve up a style of football that we fans have been starved of for a few seasons the answers a resounding yes.Can we fans see evidence of the academy players being given hope of being played if they show the are good enough? Definitely.So all in all even though only 8 games into his term as our manager.THE FUTURES BRIGHT THE FUTURES LAMPARD
  5. TommyPowel

    Declining attendances

    Yes i use and am very impressed with Rams TV but I was more interested with SKY fees im pretty sure some years ago they paid£60k to teams being showed early cup rounds?
  6. TommyPowel

    Declining attendances

    How much do the Rams generate from Rams TV and Sky? 2 homes matches in a week can get too expensive for some
  7. TommyPowel

    Welsh Wizard.

    I think there are strong point and weak points with Lawrences game tackling and blocking are the weak points not just in the rotherham game but most of the games ive seen this year which is 4/5. You ask if i am a supporter yes i am and have been since 1952 i have supported the rams t the normanton end pop side,I had a season ticket for C stand followed by a ST in the Toyota stand until ill health stopped me from going to games so yes i am a supporter and yes i can judge when a player cannot tackle.
  8. TommyPowel

    Welsh Wizard.

    whats that got to do with lawrence and him getting sent off? surely you cant be saying hes in the same class as Scholes?
  9. TommyPowel

    Welsh Wizard.

    the problem is two fold first he hasnt got a clue where tackling is concerned(would love to know how many free kicks hes given away so far) he always turns his back when attempting a block which shows he hates doing it
  10. TommyPowel

    Welsh Wizard.

    no but a large percentage are attempting to play the ball and plainly he wasnt
  11. TommyPowel


    would that reliable sauce be HP
  12. TommyPowel

    Mason Bennett

    i strongly suggest you look again and count how many touches he had,failing that theres always specsavers
  13. TommyPowel

    Free to a Rams Fan Home

    do you think its something in the name?
  14. TommyPowel

    If derby ever left pp

    Actually i have to disagree with you re parking for the BBG there was 16 streets within 10 minutes easy walk where fans could park and did believe me ,I was born and bred in Roe street which was 5 minutes walk away and the roar of the crowd could be heard on match day :) great inspiration to make a kid go and watch the games
  15. TommyPowel

    Derby U23s games to be in Leicestershire !

    Isnt Derby Unis facilities Moor farm?

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