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  1. most posts on here were either for or against mainly how lenient,If you read the link on the post i was replying to,you will see the point i was making
  2. So maybe now we can put this topic to bed.And carry on what we are supposed to be here for SUPPORTING THE RAMS
  3. I never realised how many perfect angels supported the Rams.
  4. you seem to have forgotten europe transfer window is not open at the moment so they couldnt be sold.I suggest you google footballers jailed you will find theres just 15 in total and not all through drinking and driving. they have both been tried in court and been sentenced that should be the end of it,The future will determine if the punishment was correct or not.So now is the time to end all these stupid remarks,
  5. Isnt there a saying something about walking a mile in another mans shoes
  6. It doesnt matter how you dress it up it is pure hypocrisy,
  7. your words not mine=No issue with people who’ve done it in the past and learnt their lesson being employed, but not those who do it under our employment.
  8. How hypocritical can you get,This is their first offence yet because they did it whilst Derby players you condemn then,But if a player has done the same whilst not being a Derby player at the time,thats fine with you.So good news for Rooney then
  9. Mel stated publicly that he intended to retain control
  10. Sorry m8 you are groping in the dark .In the article plenty of mention of 50million but no mention of how big of share holding that you buy
  11. to put all this investment business in fans terms if you had £240 would you buy a Derby shirt for £48? thats what mEL DID IN OUR TERMS
  12. I havent got a clue how ,but when i went to get a screenshot it was working fine,But many thanks foe trying to help
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