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  1. what you dont take into account that he joined other clubs after leaving Chelsea and to use your example it you were playing for the mighty Rams would you leave?Money wouldnt come into it,there are players who retired rather than play for another club.
  2. Bryson was many things but never a central midfielder
  3. I know that but it seems very strange to me
  4. Exactly nobody knows yet here we are on page 186 of this post,But tell me this why start to negotiate a new contract if he has no intention of honoring it?
  5. There is no doubt that Chelsea hold Frank in high regard so who is to know that they have had a word to him telling him to take no notice of the rumour but unfortunately we dont think you are quite ready?
  6. yes i realised all good
  7. I disagree not lazy but typical Journalism.As Mark Twain said-dont let a lie get in the way of a good story
  8. Punctuation has never been my strong point.I meant ,I am sure he will stay,why else would he enter into talks to extend his contract. But I am glad I brightened your days
  9. A rare footballer who seems to have loyalty and integrity as well as being a decent player.Well done Curtis
  10. It matters because the worth of CONTRACTED players count when it comes to FFP,ones out of contract and not sold DO NOT count
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