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  1. whilst i agree with everything you say what abut the aimless shambles that were out on the pitch on tuesday what will happen to them.IMO it is far more important to try harder during a match than in training
  2. No Referee anywhere in the world would give a penalty standing yards behind the play video is complete waste of time,.But these professional players should all realise a refereee has NEVER changed his mind because of anything said by players.
  3. i am finding it hard work to follow FLs train of thought.He says the reason he isnt playing Marriott is he isnt giving his all during training.if he keeps to that yard stick the kids will be out Saturday.NONE not 1 single player gave his all last night it wasnt a bad day at the office it was abysmal we were out thought or fought out scored by a mid table outfit just clear of the relegation zone.It just isnt good enough .
  4. to be fair at 31 his career is coming to an end you cant blame the guy for taking advantage of a lucrative contract
  5. very few young players burst on to the scene and stay there.The biggest enemy of a young player is consistency and they need patience from supporters.Iam sure Bogle has come on a lot since Coles arrival he would be a massive help with the young lads
  6. had you heard of mount-wilson-tomori before the signed for us?
  7. i mean rotherham were bad because the mighty Ram made them that way
  8. no team can play better than opponents allow
  9. Wasnt Paul Mcgrath permanently injure all the time he played(22 matches) for us
  10. wasnt he injured when we signed him took awhile for him to recover lets hope he stays injury free
  11. would tht be an Ashley Cole influence i wonder
  12. Was there any indication what the illness was that Marriott had if it was something along the line of glandular fever it takes a long time to fully recover
  13. He clearly stated the Mount-Bryson and Bennett should be ready after the break
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